The Trinity Water Park is situated in Dimapur in the state of Nagaland with a postal code of 797115. The Khekiho Memorial Park, Yimchunger Aso and the Ikishe Baptist Church are the closest, most well-known landmarks of the Trinity Water Park. It is located at a distance of 6 kms from Dimapur city center.

The Trinity Water Park is like any other water amusement parks that allow visitors to come on-board and have fun in groups or solo. This water park has many rides and unique games to not only cater to the adventure craving of adults but has safe and small games for children as well. The water in this park is blue and is regularly cleaned with the help of the automated water cleaning mechanism.

There are over 10 to 15 water rides and many small games for kids. The duration per ride varies from ride to ride and is usually not the same. There are many stalls that provide snacks and beverages as well in order to cater to the thirst and hunger one feels while having a blast time as the Trinity Water Park.

This water park is best when visited anytime between Jan to July. The hot scorching sun of the summers always tend to have a great impact while in the Water Park. The demand as well as the need is the highest during this season. Visitors typically spend 3. 5 hours in this water park. The Trinity Water Park is open during timings 4:30 PM - 7:00 PM on all days of the week. Do ensure to make a visit to the Ttrinity Water Park when you find yourself touring in Nagaland.