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1/3 Places to Visit in Dimapur with Food
City Tower, Dhimapur
10.1 kms from Dimapur city limits

The City Tower is prominent landmark situated in N. S. T Colony, in Dimapur in the state of Nagaland. The tower is located 10. 1 kms away from the Dimapur city center. Ao Baptist Arogo Town Fellowship, Vishal Mega Mart and the Living Word Centre are the closest, most well-known landmarks of the City Tower.

The city tower symbolizes the centre of Dimapur. The tower is situated on a junction circle and has a clock on it as well. This tower resembles a TV tower in many aspects.

The speciality of the City Tower in Dimapur, however, is the life that surrounds it. Many events...

2/3 Places to Visit in Dimapur with Food
Green Park, Dimapur
Within Dimapur city limits

Green Park in Dimapur is one of the most famous parks situated in Dimapur, Nagaland. It is located within Dimapur city limits.

Green Park park is full of greenery and is located within the State Horticulture Nursery. The park is surrounded by restaurants and has many amenities that the visitors can utilize - thus making Green Park one of the prime hang-outs spots within Dimapur. It is one of the cleanest parks of the region.

In addition to the greenery, green park also houses water bodies within it's campus. Boat rides are usually partaken by the visitors.


3/3 Places to Visit in Dimapur with Food

The Nagaland Bamboo Resource Centre is situated in Sovima, 6th Mile, in Dimapur. This centre is located 4. 8 kilometres away from the Dimapur Airport and can be travelled within 14 minutes via the route of NH29. This is the fastest, most preferred and the only route from the airport to the centre. If visitors from nearby states have reached Dimpaur with the bus transportation, then the route from the bus stand to the bamboo centre is via the NH29. This distance of 8. 9 kilometres can be covered within 30 minutes. The Sovima Village Gate, the Post office and the Chakhesang Baptist Church are th...