Raidongia Dol is located in Larua Mowza in Kalakhowa region, near Dhingia Barbarua road, Dibrugarh, of the state of Assam. The place is about 31. 4 kms away from the city and it takes about 40 mins to reach the destination. On reaching Dibrugarh, visitors can hire a cab or can take public transport and directly reach to the Raidongia Dol.

Raidongia Dol is a nice ruined monument with a large park. The dol still has several ancient relics of the Ahom kingdom. The dol also has statues engraved on the walls. It is believed that the dol had 24 statues earlier but now there are only 14 statues remaining on the walls of the dol. According to the historical evidences it is believed that the Dol along with the nearby pond and 200 pura were given as dowry by Swagadeo Pramatta Singha for his sister’s marriage to Raidongia Barua. Raidongia Dol has amazing structure which defines the beauty of the Ahom dynasty. The view of the dol as well as the adjacent pond is majestic and a beautiful sight for the visitors. However, the dol is in ruin state and government as well the common people need to take steps for safeguarding of such beautiful and historic monument of India.

Visitors can spend their leisure time with their friends and families at the Raidongia Dol. The place is perfect for history lovers and photo fanatics. The monument has an amazing aura which is worth exporing and should not be missed.

Raidongia Dol is open all around the year for the people to explore the place. The park can be visited during timings 10:00 AM – 1:00 PM and 4:00 PM – 7:00 PM. There is no entry fee for visiting the dol so one should not miss the chance to explore this beautiful ruined monument on their next visit to Dibrugarh.