Among the many places of interest in the city of Dibrugarh is the Namphake village at a distance of about 37 kms from the city centre. The village has grown into an exotic heritage centre attracting tourist from different parts of the world, making it a living museum with all its salient features. This uncommon village was setup in 1850. They have been unaffected from the outside world and have maintained the purity of their distinct culture.

The river Burhidihing – a tributary of mighty Brahmaputra river, flows along Namphake village, making it a picturesque village. There is a beautiful Buddhist Monastery located in the village. The monastery is considered to be a meditation centre and is also developed as a famous tourist spot in the village. The serene surrounding and the unique structure of the place makes it a popular attraction for visitors. The village is also a home for many Tai Phake families. These people are followers of Buddhism and their beliefs are very strong in this regard. As soon as you enter the temple, a golden statue of Lord Buddha welcomes you. The village also has an Ashokan Pillar and a Bddhist Pagoda (a pyramidal tower with an upward curving roof). Near the pillar, a stilt house called “Chaitya-Griha” was constructed. It is a double entrance hall for religious offerings with the Buddha stupa or pagoda near its rear entrance. The holy water pond inside the temple is named as Mucalinda and is considered to be of great importance. About 150 Phakial families, which reside in this village, have kept their unique identity, traditional customs and rituals alive. The most amazing thing about this village is the claim of the people here that police has never entered its premises. All the disputes are solved mutually. Also, the villagers rely on traditional herbal medicinal methods of getting healed. The people here say that they never fall ill due to the fresh vegetables and fruits that they consume. However, if some complications arise, the herbal methods never fail them.

Poi-Nen-Chi festival is celebrated on a great scale in the Namphake village, which is held every year in the month of March. The festival is an event to pay homage to Lord Buddha. Pon-Nun-Hok is another grand festival to mark the birth of Lord Buddha. “Poi-Chang-Ken” or “Poi-Shon-nam” or “Pi-hu” is another remarkable event in village which is celebrated every year on “Vishuva Sankranti” (the day on which the sun transmigrates into the “Mesha” or Aries zodiac sign on its celestial path). Many traditional dance forms are performed by the women of the village during such special occasions. Traditional stilt houses are also a specialty that is observed here.

The tourist can travel to Namphake village from the Naharkatiya – the nearest town to Dibrugarh.