Lekai Chetia Maidam is located near the Mankota road at Sessa. It is located in the city of Dibrugarh in Assam.

Lekai Chetia Maidam is a dedication to an Ahom official, Lekai Chetia. He worked under Swragodeo Pratapsingha. It is now considered as a Thaan or a religious institution. Over the years, it has become one of the most revered places, not only in Dibrugarh, but in the whole state of Assam. The atmosphere of the Maidam is quite serene and it is away from the urban noise of Dibrugarh. Tourists and locals have been spending a whole day at the place without getting bored. The whole area is filled with tranquility and peace. There is a rising aroma of fresh tea leaves that boost your mood significantly. You can see the tea leaves being plucked off the plants and admire the hardworking workers. The burial site has become a popular picnic spot because of its distance from the urban civilization.

The weather is towards the cooler side and while travelling to the city, it is advised to carry warmer clothes. Other things like first aid, sun blocks, and moisturizers are also advised as carry-on. The best time to visit the city is during the months from October to March. Anyone wishing to relax can visit the banks of the river Dibru and have a small picnic. There is a perfect blend of nature mixing with urban life. There are lush green meadows along the banks of the raging river, and sprawling tea gardens that make the city a paradise.

The entry to Lekai Chetia Maidam is free. There are no visiting hours on the place but people prefer coming to the ground in the evening.