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1/7 Places to Visit in Dhule with Nature
Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary
70 kms from Dhule city limits

The South-western range of Satpura is home to every nature lovers' dream- the Anerdam Wildlife Sanctuary. The Sanctuary encompasses a wide variety of plants and animals. Nature enthusiasts must head to the sanctuary with their binoculars to rejoice in nature's glory. The Sanctuary is located around 70 kms from Dhule.

A number of trees can be found in the Sanctuary range. The nature of the vegetation inside the sanctuary is scrub forest interspersed with small patches of wooded land. Visitors can find tree species common to dry deciduous regions like- Acacia catechu (khair), Accacia...

2/7 Places to Visit in Dhule with Nature

The village of Bhamer located at the foothills of a great fortified hill is famous for its fort named after the village itself. The Bhamer fort is around 58 kms from Dhule.

Located at the cast end of an irregular range of rocky hills, the fort is best known for the cave dwellings situated inside it. The entrance to the fort lies on the Southern face of the hills. The condition of the fort is relatively good with water cisterns and store rooms intact even today. The collective effects of natural and human made disasters has taken a toll on the gateways and towers. Historical record...

3/7 Places to Visit in Dhule with Nature

Indave Temple is located at Sakri taluka which is at the outskirts of Dhule city. It is about 50 kms away from the city center of Dhule and it takes around 1 hour and 30 minutes to reach the place via road. On reaching Dhule, visitors can take public transport or they can even book a cab and directly reach to the destination.

Indave Temple is an ancient temple which is devoted to the Goddess of India and has a beautiful idol of her inside the temple. Devotees pray to Goddess with full devotion and respect for the better future of country and people. The temple is very popular among...

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Once a strong hold of the Faruqi kings in the Khandesh region, the Laling Fort today caters more to the curiosity of historians and trekkers. Located around 8 kms from Dhule, the Fort is situated atop Laling Hill. The fort situated at the top of 1995 feet screams majestic splendour in all sense. The granite stones used to build the temple were carved out from the hills on which the fort is built.

Believed to be built during the reign of the first of the Faruqi Kings, the fort was of considerable importance to the royal family. Malik Raja bestowed the fort on his elder son, suggesti...

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Pashtane Wildlife Sanctuary
68.6 kms from Dhule city limits

Among the prominent tourist destination near Dhule is the Pashtane Wildlife Sanctuary. It is situated at Salva Road, Bhamardi, in the Pashtane district of Maharashtra. The sanctuary is 68. 6 kms away from the city of Dhule and it takes about 1 hour and 43 minutes to reach the destination from the city via road.

Pashtane Wildlife Sanctuary is a very famous tourist spot. It spreads over a total area of 82. 94 sq. km. It shares the common boundaries with the Yawal Sanctuary. The sanctuary is the home to many flora and fauna. The sanctuary is blessed with amazing range of flora which i...

6/7 Places to Visit in Dhule with Nature
Thalner Fort
64.4 kms from Dhule city limits

Thalner was the first capital of the Farooqi Kings and marked the expansion of the rule of the Farooqi Sultans, the town falls under the Shirpur District and is situated on the banks of the River Tapi. Located at a distance of 64. 4 Kms from Dhule, the Thalner Fort is mapable in under an hour and a half via the National Highway 52, the Highways has tolls at points. The control and construction of the Thalner Fort in the year 1370 marked an important milestone in the pages of history for the Farooqi Sultans as this strengthened their position and came into recognisation as a rule.


7/7 Places to Visit in Dhule with Nature
134 kms from Dhule city limits

Toranmal is a beautiful hill station which is located in Nandurbar district of Maharashtra. It is located at a distance of around 134 kms away from the city centre of Dhule. Toranmal hill station is located on the seven ranges of Satpura hills

Toranmal is one of the highest located hill station of Maharashtra. This hill station is complete package for anyone looking for a peaceful vacation. It consists of lush green environment, beautiful lakes, waterfalls and many man-made attractions. There are a wide range of flora and fauna present everywhere. Apart from the beautiful dense fores...