Chilarai Statue of Shukladhaj is located at Netai Dhubuni Ghat in Dhubri and is about 3. 1 Km from the center of the city. This memorial statue of Chilarai is established near around the Ashtami Mela Maidan and can be reached in under 15 minutes via the Guru Teg Bahadur Road.

Built in the memory and honour of Shukladhaj, son of Maharaja Viswa Singha. The tales of Chilarai and his leadership skills of the army is not something one can miss around the North Eastern part of the Country. Shukladhaj was the army general to his elder brother, Nar Narayan, the ruler of Koch Bihar around the 16th Century. Chilarai was a badge of honour given to him by the people of Kingdom, translating to swift as a kite for his tactics and move in the warfield were fast and vicious. His tactics and training of the army was fluent and smooth like a well oiled machine, he was very precise with the number of soldiers and others in the cavalry. If stories are true, it is also believed that it was him who founded the art of Guerrilla warfare.

Location of the statue around the Astami Mela Maidan sees crowd pouring in during the festival of Dusshehra to attend the grand fairs and rituals that follow. Overlooking the Brahmaputra also provides for a very serene and picturesque view for the visitors and is an eye candy for the photogenic.

The statue marks the importance Vir Chilarai played in the history of Kooch Bihar and his way of life in the later part dedicated to religion and culture. The peak hours for visiting the landmark is around late evenings till sunset, seeing the sun dive right behind the statue.