Maa Chamunda Mandir is a Hindu temple situated in the Dewas district of Madhya Pradesh which is dedicated to goddess Chamunda. This temple believed to be constructed in ancient times is considered both spiritually and religiously important. Lakhs of devotees flow to this beautiful shrine which is located on a hilltop overlooking the magnificent city of Dewas. The Tekri hills on which the temple is situated is only 2 kilometers away from the city center of Dewas.

Maa Chamunda Mandir, which is commonly known among the locals as Tekri Chamunda Mandir is one of the top tourist destinations in the state of Madhya Pradesh. Dewas is a city on the Malwa Plateau of MP and is the sixth most populous city of the state. It is believed that the place got its name from the hill on which the Tekri Mandir is situated, Devi Vaishini Hills. There is also a story describing that the place got its name from the Hindi word 'Devon Ka Vaas' which translates into the 'land of Gods'. The history and evolution of Dewas as a city is entangled with the temple at multiple times.

The year in which the temple was built is unknown even though it is known that its existence dates centuries back. It was constructed by Taja Rajae who was the sister of erstwhile Gwalior ruler Madhavrao Scindia. She was a great devotee of Goddess Chamunda. The temple has undergone a number of repairs and slight redesigns over time. But still, the place parts the classic and the most genuine of sacred temple vibes. The secluded nature of the place situated on a hill away from the hustles and bustles of the city of Dewas is one of the major reasons that makes this temple and premises unique.

Devi Vaishini Hills, known among the locals as Tekri is home for three major temples. Apart from the most famous Maa Chamunda Mandir, there is a Tulja Bhavani Mandir where the deity of Bhavani is worshipped. Tulja Bhavani is according to Hindu scriptures the elder sister of Goddess Chamunda and is addressed by the devotees as 'Badi Mataji'. A semicircular path paved on the hilltop connects this two temples. There are other temples too like God Bheru temple which is an epitome of architectural excellence with big carved stones. There are also temples dedicated to Goddess Kalika and Ashtabhuja. There is a Hanuman temple also on the top of the hill. The temples of Maa Chamunda and Tulja Bhavani are considered as the most powerful and the center of all the spiritual power of the place. Architecturally, spiritually and historically relevant more than any other temples maybe even in the country, lots of visitors and devotees include this place in their travel itineraries.

The ancient idol of Maa Chamunda in the temple is one majestic sight to behold. The nine feet tall idol, so simple but still magnificent because of the scintillating atmosphere of the place is what makes the devotees come back again and again. According to the texts and scripts, the world famous ruler of Ujjaini, Vikramaditya, once performed a long and enlightening Tapas (Spiritual Meditation offered to God) in front of the Goddess Chamunda which increased his sense of justice and integrity.

The temple is situated at a height of 300 feet. Being on the hilltop there is a magnificent view of the city lying vast and beautiful from here. Cable car facilities were started from the year of 2017 to help those devotees unable to hike the hill and reach the shrine. The steep steps leading to the shrine is believed to wash away the sins of those who climb. Bali, the religious sacrifice of humans was once offered here as offerings to acquire something.

Maa Chamunda Mandir is a treat for anyone who visits the place because of its splendid and incredible atmosphere. Visitors can take walks through the paths on the hill that connects the various temples of the place. Historians, as well as devotees, have a lot to explore and experience here. Enjoy the magnificent view of the sunset in the backdrop of the busy city from the hill. It is best to visit the temple during Navaratri because it is when the temple is decorated with lights and special rituals are carried out.

Maa Chamunda Mandir in Dewas is one of the unique temples in the country. It is believed to be the most powerful and important of all the Chamundi temples. The secluded vibes here is ideal for a peaceful spiritual exploration of self. Tourists from different parts of the country flow to this Mandir regardless of seasons. It is better to avoid monsoon months to visit the place. The temple is open to the public on all days of the year during timings 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM.