Kheoni Wildlife Sanctuary situated in the Kannod Tehsil of Dewas district is a famous sanctuary dedicated to protecting rare and endangered species of flora and fauna. It is a beautiful natural paradise where the guests are thrown into the absolute bliss of jungle vibes. It is situated 130 kms away from the city center of Dewas.

Kheoni Wildlife Sanctuary was established in 1955. Many nearby forest lands were annexed to it over time and to the date, the sanctuary spreads over an area of 132 square kilometers. It is a dry deciduous forest with a wide variety of flora and fauna. Teak, Tendu, and Bamboo are the main trees forming the forest. The sanctuary is connected to one of the other famous tourist destinations of Madya Pradesh, the Ratapani Tiger Reserve Center by corridors. Many tigers have migrated from Ratapani over time to form colonies in Kheoni Sanctuary. Leopards, Jungle cats, Jackals, Striped hyena etc. are the major carnivorous animals found in this sanctuary. Many herbivores like Nilgai, blackbuck, chinkara, chital etc. also make this place their home. Animals like Sambar, wild boar, barking deer, four horned antelope, palm civet etc. are also seen in this sanctuary even though only rarely.

According to a team of ornithologists that researched in this area, there are 125 species of birds residing in the 132 square kilometers boundary of this sanctuary. Various species of doves, Petronia etc. along with the state bird of Madhya Pradesh, Indian Paradise Flycatcher are the main winged attractions of the sanctuary. There is a stream flowing through the forest, which is easily accessible and secure, known as Bal Ganga is one of the main attractions here.

Kheoni Wildlife Sanctuary gifts the visitors a magnificent 'into the wild' experience. Trek to the insides of the sanctuary and absorb in the incredible natural beauty of the place. Take a dip in Bal Ganga and feel refreshed. The sanctuary makes the visitors feel as Tarzans or Mowglis living off the land in the midst of an Amazonian jungle. The best time of the year to visit the place is in post-monsoon months.

Kheoni Wildlife Sanctuary is a natural paradise and a must visit for all the nature and wildlife lovers. The absolute beauty and the incredible atmosphere of the place have made this sanctuary into a popular tourist destination in the state of Madhya Pradesh. The sanctuary remains open to the public on all days of the year during timings 9:00 AM - 6:00 PM. There is an entry fee of INR 50 per person.