Kunduvada Kere is a pleasant lake situated in Kunduvada village near the city Davangere. It is not more than 3. 5 kms from the city Davangere. Autos will take only 10-12 minutes to reach there. The greenery of this place and crystal clear water of the lake attract locals and tourists alike. In addition, Kunduvada Kere is a major source of drinking water of the city.

Kunduvada Kere is located in the small village Kunduvada. The lake and its surroundings are picturesque. The lake is about 253 acres and the perimeter is about 5km. Clear blue water and a little breeze create a very calm atmosphere. The greenery beside the lake attracts various birds. People can see them and hear their sounds too. The sunrise and sunset are the best things of here. The view of sunrise and sunset from the lake is breathtaking. The place is well-maintained having lots of benches for sitting purpose. There is also an interesting glass-structure next to the lake.

The best time to visit Kunduvada Kere is the post monsoon and winter season i. e. from the month of October to March. In summer, though the temperature is not so high, still people may feel heat. For the best experience, visitors are advised to go in winter and in a clear day to watch the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset. Nature lovers love this place and so do photographers. Endless photography can be done as there is too much greenery and awesome views here. People can enjoy this beauty with their family and friends. This is a famous picnic spot too.

There is no rigid timings here. But, the early morning and the afternoon are the best time here to enjoy the sunrise and the sunset. This is a fairly good place of morning walk.