Davanagere is a city in the centre of the southern Indian state of Karnataka. Davangere is known for its textile businesses and cotton mills. There are also many sanctuaries, temples and waterfalls in Davangere. Davangere is also famous for it's eponymous Davangere Benne Dosa.

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Anekonda, Davangere
2.3 kms from Davangere city limits

Located on the Davangere-Jaglur road, Anekonda is a famous tourist site in the city of Davangere. Possessing historic significance, this place is approximately 2. 3 kms away from the main city of Davangere.

Anekonda is one among the must visit places in Davangere. No tourist must miss out on a visit to this place. The site served as a place for elephants of the king's army to be tied. It is believed that when Betur was the capital, Gandas, Uchangi, Pandyas, Chalukyas and Hoysalas were the ruling dynasties. The site has many epigraphs of these dynasties. Natives also say that Ane...

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Bathi Gudda, Davangere
5 kms from Davangere city limits

Bathi Gudda is a small hill area near the city Davangere. It is only 5 kms from the city on the way to Harihara. It will take only 10-12 minutes to reach there from Davangere. A beautiful view of the city is the main attraction of this place. Nestled in the lap of nature, Bathi Gudda also serves as a beautiful picnic spot.

Bathi Gudda is located near the Bathi village between the city Davangere and Harihara. It is a small hill. The small hill can still prove to be an adventurous climb. From the top of the hill, a breathtaking view of the city can be seen. The railways can also be vie...

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Clock Tower, Davangere
Within Davangere city limits

Named after the financer Sri Chennagiri Rangappa, this is a must visit if you are in the city of Davengere. The tower serves as an important landmark of the city ever since it was built in 1937. The Clock tower is located within Davangere city limits.

It has a length of 75 ft. whose foundation was led by the then Deewan of Mysore, Sir Mirja Ismail. The blue-toned monumental tower is surrounded by a busy marketplace. When it was built initially, it was running on a mechanical clock which has now been replaced by a HMT solar clock.

The market around the tower provides a p...

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At the heart of Davangere lies Sri Durgambika Temple, the main attraction of the city. This temple, well within the city limits, is soaked in a rich history dating over hundreds of years ago and is dedicated to Goddess Durga.

Starting out a small shrine, Lore has it, that around 200 years ago, a stone was brought here from Dugatti Village. With the stone as the center of worship, the shrine gained popularity until eventually in 1932, it was built into a complete temple crafted in Dravadian style architecture. The temple itself consists of masterfully carved stone with intricate det...

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Another temple of great historic significance, Eshwara Temple is an example of amusing Hoysala style of architecture. Created with the help of mud and plaster, today the temple consists of only two cells. The temple houses idol of Gajalakshmi in the garbh griha and idol of Lord Shiva within the Sukhanasi doorway. You will also find the deities Lord Vishnu, Lord Ganesha, Lord Brahma and Lord Subramanya in the smaller shrines within the main temple complex. The Eswara Temple is located in Nittuvalli, Davanagere - within Davangere city limits.

Eshwara Temple of Davangere dates back to...

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Harihareshwara Temple is an evidence of religious belief and magnificent architecture of Hoysala dynasty. Lord Harihara is the main god here and the temple is dedicated to this god. The temple is featured with lots of sculptures and the interior is very beautiful to look. This beautiful temple is approximately about 15 kms from the city Davangere. From the Pune-Bangalore highway, just deviate 4 kms to the Harihara Bypass to reach the temple. In car, it must take about half an hour to reach this holy place from the centre of the city Davangere. On the banks of river Tungabhadra, this temple is ...

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Indira Gandhi Zoo, Anagodu
18 kms from Davangere city limits

Indira Gandhi Zoo, Angod, Davangere, Karnataka is next to Anagodu and is located in Karnataka, India. This zoo is situated 18 kms from Davangere city.

Indira Gandhi Zoo is a good place for spending time in the company of fauna and flora and is well maintained and clean. There is also a section for children, surrounded by tall and dense shady trees. Indira Gandhi Zoo can be considered a nice picnic spot, good for a walk through. A canteen is also available offering mouth watering snacks and drinks at an affordable cost. Coming on to the wildlife one can see a variety of birds, deers...

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Kalleshwara Temple, Bagali
50 kms from Davangere city limits

Kalleshwara Temple, Bagali is a historic and mesmerizing piece of architecture in the state of Karnataka, India. This temple is considered to be one of the rare temples of India. It is popularly known as Karnataka's 'Khajuraho'. From the city Davangere, this place is approximately 50 kms away and it will take near about 1 hour 30 minutes from Davangere to reach the temple.

Kalleshwara Temple is located in the small town Bagali. The beautiful architecture of this place is of the mid-tenth century. The temple comprises a main shrine for the Hindu god Shiva which is worshipped even toda...

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Karanji Mantapa is a historic site located near the city of Davangere. Comprising a tank of Santhebennur enriched with a beautiful stone carved chariot in its middle, this famous tourist site is about 36 kms from the main city.

One of the historic places in the city, Karanji Mantapa offers tourists the antiquity of its illustrious past. Featuring the Santhebennur tank, with a stone shaped chariot in the middle of the lake, this architectural marvel when viewed from all four sides appears to be the same. Pushkarini, being a part of Karanji Mantapa, is another major attraction in ...

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Kunduvada Kere, Davangere
3.5 kms from Davangere city limits

Kunduvada Kere is a pleasant lake situated in Kunduvada village near the city Davangere. It is not more than 3. 5 kms from the city Davangere. Autos will take only 10-12 minutes to reach there. The greenery of this place and crystal clear water of the lake attract locals and tourists alike. In addition, Kunduvada Kere is a major source of drinking water of the city.

Kunduvada Kere is located in the small village Kunduvada. The lake and its surroundings are picturesque. The lake is about 253 acres and the perimeter is about 5km. Clear blue water and a little breeze create a very calm ...

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Mathru Chaya Children park is a prominent park located at SS layout B block Nijalingappa Layout, Davanagere, Karnataka. Mathru Chaya Children park is located within Davangere city limits.

The park is well maintained and clean. It is a good place for children. It is a beautiful park with variety of flowers and plants. It consists of tall shady trees and is beautifully maintained with water fountains and many slides for children. People can sit under shades and relax. One of the new and best garden in davanagere. Undoubtly the beauty of the park is unconditional but the element which...

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At a distance of 40 kms from Davangere, Panch Mukh Devasthana Temple is situated at Harapanahalli, in the Devangere district of Karnataka. This is an important pilgrimage site for people visiting Devangere and is filled with devotees throughout the year.

Being a famous Hindu pilgrimage site, it has an interesting tale to signify its value. The temple is full of history and mystery. It is said that the idol had its birth, in our first epic – the Ramayana. One of the interesting features of this temple are the massive pair of footwear made for Hanuman. It is believed that Hanuman him...

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Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary
46.3 kms from Davangere city limits

Ranebennur Blackbuck Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary located 46. 3 kms away from Devengere. It was set up for the protection of several endangered species of flora and fauna, including the Blackbuck. The sanctuary is located about 8 kilometres from Ranebannur Town.

Ranebannur Blackbuck sanctuary was established in 1974, and has an area of 119 square kilometres. Tourists are allowed access to 104 square kilometres, while the rest of the sanctuary is off-limits. There are currently about 6000 blackbucks here. Other than the blackbucks, this sanctuary is home to several more magnifi...

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Built over eight hundred years ago, then recently rebuilt two decades ago, Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple is a notable temple of the iconic Dravidian style architecture. Dedicated to Lord Hanuman, this temple is the main attraction of Shamanur Village located at the outskirts of Davanagere Town - about 5 kms from the city center.

Sri Anjaneya Swami Temple features a unique blend of ancient and modern architecture owing to its renovation in the year 2000. The exterior color scheme is vibrant, drawing the viewer's eye with a tranquil shade of blue, which is rarely ever seen in other relig...

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Sulekere (Shanti Sagara)
54 kms from Davangere city limits

Soole Kere or Shanthi Sagara is a famous tourist attraction created during 12th century by Princess Shanthi is a second largest pond in Asia. It is located in Kerebilchi and Kagatoor of Channagiri taluk of Davanagere in Karnataka, India. Sulekere is located at a distance of 54 kms from Davangere city.

The construction of the tank is assigned to 11th or 12th century, have belonged to Svargavathi. The city was submerged, its king Vikrama Raaya, who had no children, adopted the son of gowda of Billahalli. This youth received name of Ragi raaya. But a daughter was subsequently born to ...

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Sri Theertha Rameshwara temple is a brahma temple, about 190 kilometres from Devanagere. This beautiful temple is situated about 21 kms from Honnali, Karnataka.

Brahma temples themselves, are very rare. But some even rarer elements make Sri Theertha Rameshwara temple really special. A small water body can be found at the temple called Kaashi Ganga water pond, which has a quite fascinating legend associated with it. It is said that Lord Rama created the natural spring there by striking the rock floor with an arrow. It is flourishing with water all year round, always at the same leve...

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Tulabhavan, Davangere
Within Davangere city limits

Tulabhavan is the first museum of weights and measures in the country located within the Chamarajpeth market of Davengere. Its exhibits include more than 3,000 varieties of weighing and measuring devices, some dating back atleast three centuries.

The 54 year-old Mr. Basavaraj Yalamalli is the architect of this museum spent his early days collecting stamps and coins. Since his trade was weighing scales and measures for the past 32 years, Mr. Yalamalli developed an interest in collecting different weighing scales and measurements in 1997-98. From 2006, for the collection of scales he...

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Uchangidurga Fort was named after a local Goddess, Uchengamma. The fort is located in Harappanahalli Talik in Davangere. Uchangidurga is around 30 kms away from the city of Davangere. To reach the fort, the visitors need to take a diverging road at Alur on the highway between Davangere and Chitradurga. Sitting on top of a small hill near Anaji, the entire beautiful panoramic view of the surrounding plain is visible from the fort.

The fort, in its time of functioning would have been a huge strategic point for defense purposes. One look at the fort and the imagination starts to run,...

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Vishweshvarayya Park is one of the oldest and well maintained parks in Davangere. Situated right in front of CG Hospital, it was built by the Davangere City Municipal council for people to getaway from the mundane and fast-paced city life.

There is a small childrens park for kids to play. Recently they have even built an outdoor gym which people can utilise. One of the best places for morning or evening walks. The park is a quieter place, densely populated with trees and shrubs that make it a perfect place to sit and unwind.

Vishweshvarayya Park is a suitable place for ...