Chandradhari Museum is one of the famous historical museums as well as educational sites that is located in Darbhanga district of Bihar. It is situated on the station road, Bahathiarisarai. It is located near Darbhanga railway station at about 300 metres distance. Visitors can even walk to this museum from the railway station.

Chandradhari museum was established by the state government in the year 1957 on December 7. It was situated on the bank of Mansarovar lake until it got shifted to a double-storey building in 1974, where it is situated now. The museum is named after Late Chandradhari Singh, the person who donated the artefacts and objects for making up of this musuem. He was a zamindar of Madhubani at that time. He collected all valuable artefacts and rare objects from different parts of the country for this museum.

The museum is divided and arranged into eleven galleries based on different categories. Each gallery consists of different materials and objects. In eleven galleries, you will find eleven categories such as wood, textile, ivory, brass, pearls, glass, miniature paintings, modern paintings, stone sculptures, natural history with a special Strong room containing gold coins, rings with precious stones, Shree Chakra, Dakshinavarti Shankh, Panchajanya Shankh, and many other things like furniture, costume, guns. This museum comprises a library with many books pertaining to the historical and cultural values. If you like to read about the rich heritage of our country, then it is the right place for you to stop at.

Tourists ideally spend an hour or two at this museum in order to see all rare objects and artefacts accumulated here at one place. It is one of the best educational sites that helps students to know about the culture and rich heritage of Bihar. It has some rare artefacts and valuable objects that the family of Chandradhari collected over a period of time. Photography is prohibited inside the premises of the museum while you can take photos outside the museum.

The museum remains open on six days of the week while it remains closed on every Wednesday. Visitors can visit the Chandradhari Museum during timings 10:30 AM - 5:30 PM. There is no entrance fee to enter the museum.