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1/3 Places to Visit in Darbhanga with wildlife

Bela Palace within the city limits of Darbhanga and about 2. 5 km from Darbhanga Railway Station was residence of Rajabahadur Visheshwar Singh the younger brother of Maharajadhiraj Kameshwar Singh and was constructed in 1934.

Bela Palace is breath taking with its modern European architecture and is also surrounded by a very beautiful and rich garden. The building has its own campus called Bela Garden. Rajabahadur Singh Ji was well known for his love of wild animals and he had two Royal Bengal Tigers in his residencial campus caged near south west corner of campus due to which the roa...

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Kusheshwar Asthan Bird Sanctuary is situated 45 kms from Darbhanga and is a one of the most prominent nature parks in the region.

Bird watching is major attraction of this sanctuary. The sanctuary consists of 14 villages which comes under Kusheshwar Asthan block in Darbhanga. It is spread over about 7019. 7 acres and these 14 villages have been declared as Kusheshwar Asthan Bird Sanctuary under Wildlife Protection Act 1972. Kusheshwar Asthan Bird Sanctuary was notified in 1994.

These villages remain waterlogged most of the times. These wetlands are home in winters to at lea...

3/3 Places to Visit in Darbhanga with wildlife
LNMU Botanical Garden, Darbhanga
Within Darbhanga city limits

LNMU Botanical Garden is a public park and a garden located within city limits of Darbhanga.

LNMU Botatical Garden has a variety of plants and algae and it is because the department has two laboratories possessing diverse forms of Algae (Terrestrial and acquatic algae from freshwater and marine habitats) Bryophytes, pteridophytes, Gymnosperms and Angiosperms. Also ,Different classes of Fungi and several fungal disease materials are available for study. Hence the botanical garden is very diverse.

The LNMU Botanical Garden can be visited during timings 10:00 AM - 4:00 PM...