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1/6 Places to Visit in Darbhanga with History
Ahilya Asthan
Within Darbhanga city limits

Ahilya Asthan is a well known historical temple, situated about 3 Km South of Kamtaul Railway Station in Jale Block.

Ahilya Asthan is associated legend of great sage Gautam and his wife Ahilya, as depicted in the epics. Inside the Shrine , as the main object of worship, there is a flat stone said to contain the foot prints of Sita, wife of Lord Ram. This place is known as Ahilya gram. In Ramayan Ahilya is described in great details. The temple is a masterpiece of art and ancient Indian architecture, built between 1662-1682 during the kingdom of Maharaj Chhatra Singh and Maharaja Rudr...

2/6 Places to Visit in Darbhanga with History
Chandradhari Museum, Darbhanga
Within Darbhanga city limits

Chandradhari Museum is one of the famous historical museums as well as educational sites that is located in Darbhanga district of Bihar. It is situated on the station road, Bahathiarisarai. It is located near Darbhanga railway station at about 300 metres distance. Visitors can even walk to this museum from the railway station.

Chandradhari museum was established by the state government in the year 1957 on December 7. It was situated on the bank of Mansarovar lake until it got shifted to a double-storey building in 1974, where it is situated now. The museum is named after Late Ch...

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Darbhanga Fort
Within Darbhanga city limits

Darbhanga Fort is one of the historical forts situated in Darbhanga district of Bihar. It is situated on the Rambag Colony road of Mansaar Colony, Darbhanga. The nearest railway station is Darbhanga Junction at 2 kms whereas the nearest bus stand is Darbhanga bus terminal at 1. 4 kms from this historical site. Tourists can easily access this place by taking an auto or rickshaw.

Darbhanga fort is also referred to as Rambhag Palace. It was used to be the residential palace of the royal clan Darbhanga. This fort was established in the year 1930 by Maharaja Kameshwar Singh. During t...

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Kankali Mandir, Darbhanga
Within Darbhanga city limits

The Kankali Temple, considered to be among the Shakti Peeths in India, within city limits of Darbhanga is a fascinating place known for its glorious past and historical legacy.

The statue of Goddess Kali was established in the year 1802 and The present form of the temple was formed in the year of 1934. The immensity and grandeur of the temple attracts many visitors to the temple. The spectacular statue of Maa Kali makes every devotee mesmerised with its glorious appearance. Member of Raj family worshipped the goddess for long time. Every one can come here and can pray to Mother Kan...

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Maharajadhiraj Laxmishwar Singh Museum is one of the most popular tourist attractions of the district Darbhanga, Bihar. It is located on the eastern bank of Mansarovar lake on the station road. THe museum is nearby to Darbhanga Jn. railway station by the distance of 300 metres.

Maharajadhiraj Laxmishwar Singh Museum was established in the year 1977 on September 16. For this museum, Prince Subheshwar Singh gifted rare artefacts, valuable objects and other invaluable items too. Sri Ramashankar Tiwar, who was District Magistrate of Darbhanga also contributed a lot in the establish...

6/6 Places to Visit in Darbhanga with History

Mata Rameshwari Shyama Mandir is one of the oldest temples of Darabhanga. It is located inside the campus Madheshwar at Darbhanga. This temple is near to the campus of Lalit Narayana Mithila University.

Mata Rameshwari Shyama Mandir was established in the year 1933 by Maharaja Kameshwar Singh, the son of Maharaja Rameshwar Singh. It is believed that the whole campus including Mata Rameshwari Shyama Temple is constructed on the cremation ground of Darabhanga family members. The idol of Ma Shyama or Ma Kami lies upon the cremation ground of Maharaja Rameshwar Singh. The temple has...