Ahilya Asthan is a well known historical temple, situated about 3 Km South of Kamtaul Railway Station in Jale Block.

Ahilya Asthan is associated legend of great sage Gautam and his wife Ahilya, as depicted in the epics. Inside the Shrine , as the main object of worship, there is a flat stone said to contain the foot prints of Sita, wife of Lord Ram. This place is known as Ahilya gram. In Ramayan Ahilya is described in great details. The temple is a masterpiece of art and ancient Indian architecture, built between 1662-1682 during the kingdom of Maharaj Chhatra Singh and Maharaja Rudra Singh.

Large fairs are held at Ahilya Asthan every year on the occasion of Ramnavami in the Hindi month of Chaitra and Vivah Panchami in Agrahayan. For the service of pilgrims and tourists, Dharmik Nyash Board have taken efforts to facilitate the louge and dhramshala and a guest house to stay andhome made pure food is served at very low cost to the tourists staying here. All though there is no any restaurant and hotel near the temple the dharamshala and food provided here is safe and hygenic. The Ahilya Asthan Temple can be visited during timings 6:00 AM - 8:30 PM.