Yelagiri is a hill station in Vellore district of Tamil Nadu, India. Located at an altitude of 1,110.6 metres above Mean Sea Level and spread across an area about 30 square km, the Yelagiri village is surrounded by orchards, rose-gardens, and green valleys. The main inhabitants of the area are the tribals who live in the 14 small villages which comprise Yelagiri. These tribals are engaged in agriculture, horticulture, forestry, etc. - all the occupations of rural hill folk. Their customs and habits, and especially the structure of their houses is unique and attracts a number of tourists to this hill station.

The district administration has taken up the task of developing Yelagiri Hills into a tourist destination by promoting adventure sports such as paragliding and rock climbing. The road to Yelagiri is well constructed and it is convinent to travel. It's peaceful and quiet in the remote surroundings of Yelagiri Hills.

Yelagiri is one of the famous places for adventure trekking in India. The hill station is located at a height of 1410.6 meters above sea level. Yelagiri comprises 14 hamlets and a number of temples spread over several hills.

The highest point in Yelgiri is the Swamimalai Hill, standing tall at 4,338 ft; Swamimalai is a popular destination for trekking. The view from the summit is spectacular. The hill provides a good number of trekking trails through thick reserved forests. Mangalam, a small village, is at the base of this hill. There are other trekking options that include smaller peaks like Javadi Hills and Palamathi Hills.

Yelagiri's climate is classified as tropical. In winter, there is much less rainfall than in summer. The climate is quite moderate, and an evening breeze that can get a bit chilly. The famous Yelagiri Summer festival celebrated in the last week of May by the Tamil Nadu Tourism Development Board. Stalls from different departments, Flowers show, various cultural programs and Dog Show with a variety of dog breeds are conducted every year.

Punganoor Artificial Lake-cum-Park : The most popular landmark of Yelagiri Hills is the lake and an adjoining park. It is an artificial lake. Jalagamparai Waterfalls: A short distance away, on the other side of the hill, is Jalagamparai falls. Attaru river flows through the Yelagiri Hills, and plummets down to form a highly captivating waterfall. It's a 5 km walk from Yelagiri downhill.

Swami Malai Hills: Swami malai hills are the hills in the shape of cake with a strong base at the bottom and a high peak. Trekking is an attraction at Swami Malai (3 km to and 3 km fro). This trek leads one to a small peak from where the entire valley is visible.