Hosur is a town and a municipality in Krishnagiri district of Tamil Nadu. It is located about 35 km from Bangalore and 306 km west of Chennai, the state capital. Hosur is considered as gateway to Karnataka from Tamil Nadu and has become a satellite town of Bangalore. Hosur assembly constituency is part of Krishnagiri Lok Sabha constituency.

Hosur, also known as Little England, for its climatic conditions, has a history of more than 800 Years. Hosur is known on these days, not only for its climatic condition, but for the thousands of industries located here. Hosur houses of industries from abrasives, automobiles, bakery to wielding and wire mesh industries.

Hosur was part of Mysore Kingdom until 1799, when Tipu Sultan lost the third Anglo-Mysore war, he handed over southern part of Mysore kingdom as a part settlement to English government.

Hosur experiences a tropical savanna climate with distinct wet and dry seasons. Due to its high elevation(900 m), Hosur usually enjoys salubrious and moderate climate throughout the year, with occasional heat waves. Winter temperatures rarely drop below 12 °C, and summer temperatures seldom exceed 35 °C. Hosur receives rainfall from both the northeast and the southwest monsoons and the wettest months are October, September and August, in that order. The summer heat is moderated by fairly frequent thunderstorms but no flooding. Humidity is 31% and average rainfall is 84 cm.

A variety of fruits and vegetables are cultivated around Hosur. The land is very fertile and there is significant access to fresh water as well as labor. Hosur is well connected to major cities across the country by rail and road ways. The nearest major airport is the Bengaluru International Airport, about 80 km from Hosur.

The famous hill temple Thiru Chandirachoodeshwarar is presiding deity in Hosur.