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1/4 Places to Visit in Chandrapur with Adventure

The Ancient Caves of Chandrapur are located very close to the city of Chandrapur. Constructed during the 8th century, these caves house around nine smaller caves that were carved for Buddhist monks. These were mainly used by the monks for meditation and thus feature a large number of engraved Buddhist sculptures.

The architecture of caves is such that they always remain cool throughout the year. The main cave entrance is 2. 5 feet wide and 5 feet long. This cave has big space inside it. Another pair of caves lies on the east side of a mountain at a height of 50 to 60 feet. They wer...

2/4 Places to Visit in Chandrapur with Adventure
Ghoda Jhari Lake
106 kms from Chandrapur city limits

Situated in Nagbhir tensile and about six kilometres from the Nagpur - Chandrapur highway, the Ghora Jhari lake is one of the most beautiful and scenic place in the vicinity of Chandrapur. The lake is 106 kms from the Chandrapur town and it is is widely loved tourist place.

Ghora Jhari is the part of the Ghora Jhari dam which was constructed as part of of Irrigation projects by the British in 1923. It was built on and impounds the Ghora Jhari river. The dam is a earth fill dam and it also has an ungated spillway. The Ghora Jhari lake is surrounded by lavish green jungle and a lo...

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The Manikgarh Fort is a ruined fort in the wilderness, about 35 kms southwest of Chandrapur. The fort, although being a trek site, has now also become a hotspot for wild animals. Not much of the fort is left to look at except a gateway. Looking at the fort would be enough to tell that once it was strongly fortified with walls and bastions.

The Manikgarh fort is a hill fort that stands at a height of about 507 metres above sea level. It is one of the three forts of Chandrapur: the Chandrapur fort, the Ballalpur fort and the Manikgarh fort. The fort has mostly become a Sanctuary f...

4/4 Places to Visit in Chandrapur with Adventure
Vijasan Hills
30 kms from Chandrapur city limits

Vijasan Hills is an important pilgrimage attraction near Chandrapur which houses several historic Buddha temples here.

A place of religious importance, Vijasan Hills are home to historic Buddhist Temples and shrines in an area called Bhadravati. The caves believed to be 2000 years old and are very mystifying. The main feature is an ensemble of 3 caves, each with a captivating hand curved Buddha sculpture. Other features of the place are Nag Mandir and Bhavani Mata Mandir which is connected to Mahakali temple in Chandrapur Fort by means of a 22 kilometers long tunnel.