Sector 17 Market in Chandigarh is located in Sector 17, with a postal code of 160017. It is located within Chandigarh city limits. The tourist attractions closest to the Sector 17 Market are the International Dolls Museum and the Bird Sanctuary.

Sector 17 Market is often known by the name Sector Satarah Market. This market, as its name state, is on sector 17 and the entire market is filled with numerous low priced vendors with great brands. Visitors can find classical traditional items to modern items. Visitors can find commodities of great quality to poor quality, from domestic brands to global brands. It is the most diverse market in all of Chandigarh

The speciality of this Market is that no matter how the surroundings is, it is considered as the most happening hub for both tourists as well as locals. The market is also most widely referred to as the 'City Centre'. You can shop for literally any item, jewellery, fashion, food, accessories, home decor, books, appliances, furniture etc.

The Sector 17 Market is not like any other tourist destination with fixed duration of visit or with any visiting charges. You would find the most sophisticated yet local products that are exclusively found only in Chandigarh. You would be able to taste the street food that is not available in any part of the country. The market is swamping with tourists and locals on each day of the week, all around the year, be it monsoon or winter or the scorching summers. The market begins its businesses at timings 11:00 AM - 10:00 PM.