The PN Mehra Botanical Garden is situated in Sector 14 in the city of Chandigarh with a postal code of 160014. This botanical garden is located 10. 2 kms away from the Chandigarh city. The closest landmarks of this botanical are the Panjab University and the Museum of Evolution of Life.

The botany department in the Panjab University have established a botanical garden in Chandigarh and named it after their founder Mr. P N Mehra. This botanical garden is a 16 acre stretch of greenery and colourful flowers. Over 1000s of varieties of plants along with over 225 species of trees have been planted here, which can be used for medical applications as well as for adding onto the scenic beauty. There are many sections in this garden, each serving a different purpose. Water garden with lily-ponds, cactus-house with 100 species of cactus are some of the many sections.

Although, the PN Mehra Botanical Garden is filled with innumerable varies of many species of plants, shrubs, creepers and nurseries, the major attraction of it is definitely the provision for education. The Panjab University is responsible for the smooth functioning of this garden. Exercising knowledge development in the field of botany is the primary focus of the garden's establishment. Botany students from the university as well as from other institutes are always welcome at this garden to gain the knowledge they need. The sessions for learning is always facilitated by a guide who ensures that the session ends in a fruitful manner.

The PN Mehra Botanical Garden is one of its kind housing all sorts of plants for the purpose of imparting education. The garden is in play during timings 6:00 AM - 5:00 PM every day. Visitors usually spend around 2 hours at the PN Mehra Botanical Garden.