The Museum of Evolution Of Life is located in sector 10. Its almost 11 kms from the city. It is a remarkable museum which gives a review of the history of the Indus Valley civilization. The Museum of Evolution of Life is few kilometers away from the sukhna lake, rose garden and sector 17.

Museum of Evolution of Life in Chandigarh is a very prominent museum in Chandigarh, the museum gives a fabulous recap of the history beginning from the time of Indus valley civilization till date. Chandigarh Museum of Evolution of Life was made open for public viewing on 13th August 1973. As the name suggests, Museum of Evolution of Life depicts the evolution of life from the unicellular organism to the biological diversity of today. Museum of Evolution of Life is an apt place for those who are interested in evolutionary studies. It explains the history through various paintings that portray the origin of life, the variety and diversity of plants and animals, extinct races of man etc. The museum has different art galleries in the fields of astronomy, archaeology, botany, biology, history and geology. There is a big reference library, where you can find a plenty of useful books.

Chandigarh is blessed with moderate climate throughout the year. However, the months between September and March are ideal for visiting the city. During this time, one can enjoy the tourist attractions fully and sink in completely during activities that are done outdoor.

The museum is closed on Mondays and all national holidays. Museum of Evolution Of Life can be visited during timings 9:00 AM to 5. 00 PM on working days. Museum of Evolution Of Life has an entry fees of INR 10 per person 5 extra if you carry camera.