Established in 1985, the International Dolls Museum is located close to the centre of Chandigarh with a distance of 1. 3 kms, and is one of the most delightful spots for children in the city. It is a unique, one in a kind museum dedicated to dolls.

Built under the aegis of the Indian Council of Child Welfare, the International Dolls Museum contains dolls from around the world and from every state of India. Housing an impressive collection of over 250 pieces, the museum had curated dolls from countries like Korea, Spain, Denmark, Germany, and Russia. Thus, one can see their commonalities while admiring the particularities infused by different cultures, customs and artisans, and learn about international cultures. All dolls have small notes providing details about them, and the Indian ones contain details about the state they originate from. These small figurines represent everything from the tribal populations of India to mythological stories such as the Ramayana. Sets of dolls have also been used to depict fairy tales such as Sleeping Beauty and Cinderella. All dolls are also attired in the costumes native to their place of origin, providing them authenticity and distinction.

Apart from the dolls, a major attraction at the International Dolls Museum is the working toy train present at the entrance of the museum. A large hall also has a replica of a German train station, which never fails to enchant visitors. Children will surely enjoy everything the place has to offer, while adults can also learn about various cultures and places through these dolls.

The International Dolls Museum remains open on everyday except for Sunday and official holidays. International Dolls Museum can be visited during timings 10:00AM - 4:30 PM. Entry fee is priced at Rs 10 for adults, while children can enter for free. Camera also requires the payment of Rs 5 fee.