Right in the heart of the Chandigarh city with a distance of only 2. 9 km from the centre is the lush Hibiscus Garden located in Sector 36, which was established in 1974.

The Hibiscus Garden covers 8 acres of land, and its main attraction are the hibiscus flowers, after which it is named. Over forty varieties of Hibiscus flowers are present in the park, which bloom throughout the year to provide the place a bright, colourful feel. Bamboo plants have also been given some space, and these tend to change their colors across seasons, providing a beautiful contrast to the ever-blooming flowers. The park is spacious and clean, with a lush carpet of green grass and plenty of trees, along with well maintained pathways for walking.

The Hibiscus Garden is ideal for a picnic, as there are plenty of places to sit and play games, and discreet bins provide easy disposal of waste. Many tourists and locals enjoy morning or evening walks that coincide with the sunrise or sunset, and these times are also ideal for nature photography. This also prevents one from visiting during the afternoon, when the crowds tend to be the most concentrated. The park also has handicap ramps to enable everyone to enjoy the garden.

Hibiscus Garden is close to the city and many other places of interest, and thus is an ideal start (or end) to a day spent traveling and visiting tourist spots. It is best to bring one's own edibles and beverages, and to ensure that there is no littering of the garden. The Hibiscus Garden is open everyday during timings 5:00 AM - 10:00 PM. One can enjoy the park for free - there is no entry fees required.