The Children Traffic Park in Chandigarh is situated on Udyan Path, in Sector 23, with a postal code of 160023. Children Traffic Park is located 8. 6 kms away from the Chandigarh city center. Chandigarh, being one of the best planned cities in India, the development and management of the localities is very uniform. There are many landmarks near this park that are also considered as major tourist attractions. The most famous being the ISKON Temple and the International Dolls Museum.

The Children Traffic Park is a realistic model of city roads that is spread over a total of 12. 5 to 13 acre land. The driver tracks within this park is themed to portray the roads, along with road regulations and safety rules. The driver tracks replicate the real roads in every way possible (such as: road bents, street lights, overpass, parallel parking area etc). This park has an exhibition hall and a lecture hall (also known as cinema hall) that has the capacity of 120 children. Special lessons, sessions and traffic programs are held in these halls.

The moto of this park is to encourage and promote children education in the field of essential road safety measures by following regulations and traffic laws. The importance of abiding by the traffic rules is displayed to the students who come to this park as a part of a school visit. Teachers along with guides help them understand the seriousness about the law but dilute the intensity with the help of this theme park.

Apart from children, this park is well utilised by walkers as well as joggers. This park is said to have an excellent naturistic feel to it and gives your morning and evening walks a great encouragement. But the average duration of a visit to Children Traffic Parkis a maximum of 2. 5 hours. Visitors usually visit Children Traffic Park during timings 5:00 AM - 7:30 PM.