The Butterfly Park in Chandigarh is situated on Sector 26 with a postal code of 160019. The nearest landmark to this Park is the Sri Guru Gobind Singh College. The butterfly park is located within Chandigarh city limits.

The Butterfly Garden is a 7 acre green spread of land housing many species of both, plants as well as butterflies. This garden also hosts plant nurseries for specific species of plants. Many plants have been planted all along the grassy stretch of butterfly garden to make it quite a spectacular vision. The Butterfly Park is situated in front of the Chandigarh College of Engineering. The most exquisite butterfly conservatory is situated on the north-east corner of this park where many students conduct studies on butterflies and their behaviours. This facility to entomology students has been provided with respect to their main objective of promoting educational and training sessions for students.

This park has many species (over 35 species) of butterflies such as the Common Grass Yellow, Apefly, Blue Mormon, Common Blue Bottle, Angled Castor etc. Since butterflies are reared and taken great care of in this park, and it is obvious that butterflies will be in desperate need of flowers to give it that complete scenic beauty. Hence, many plantations and flowering plants have been grown here as well. There are many nature trails and is a great place for families with small kids to have a picnic.

The Butterfly Park at Chandigarh has adequate access of public transportation and is well within the reach of the heart of this city. The best time to visit this park is anytime during the year except the winters when the butterflies hibernate. It is suggested to visit during the spring. Visitors can visit the butterfly park during timings 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM on all days of the week. No visitor's charges need to be paid in order to be able to enter this park. Visitors spend around 1 hour in this park.