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Bankeshwari Temple is located 20 kms outside of Berhampur on the Kerandimala hill range in the Eastern Ghats, in the state of Odisha. One can easily get regular trains to Berhampur from other major cities of the country. Berhampur does not have an airport.

The inner sanctum sanctorum of the Bankeshwari temple is home to Maa Bankeswari's idol. The sacred and spiritual theme of the temple continues outdoors. The idol shows the all-consuming power of Maa Shakti. Clothed in a bright red sari Maa Bankeswari looks forbidding and protective at the same time. Temple has attracted devotees ...

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Buguda Biranchinarayan Temple
70 kms from Brahmapur city limits

The Biranchi Narayan Sun Temple is located in a place called Buguda which is at a distance of 70 kms from Berhampur, in Ganjam district of Orissa.

Biranchi Narayan Sun Temple is also known as the Abode of Viranchinarayana or the Wooden Konark. The temple is also referred to as Bruddha Khola Temple. It is the second Surya temple constructed in Orissa, after the famous Konark Sun Temple. The temple was renovated by King Srikara Bhanjadeva in 1790. The presiding deity of the temple is Biranchi Narayan or Surya in the combination of Hindu trinity, whose image was recovered from ruins at ...

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Siddha Bhairavi Temple is a popular shrine located in the Mantridi village near Brahmapur, Odisha. The place is located at a distance of about 18 kms from Brahmapur, with the closest railway station being the Brahmapur railway station.

The Siddha Bhairavi temple of Mantridi is dedicated to the goddess Bhairavi. Legend says that she is the deity that fishermen and sailor took blessings from before embarking on their voyages. The goddess is represented as a stone idol with four hands and one leg. The temple is also famous for its 108 sub-shrines dedicated to a whole range of Hindu d...

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Narayani Temple is a famous shrine in Khalikote, near Brahmapur, Odisha. The place is located at a distance of about 75 kms from the town of Brahmapur.

Narayani temple is an ancient shrine dedicated to the ten-armed goddess, Narayani, who is also popularly known as Durga. The temple sits atop the Bhalleri Hills, in a picturesque location amidst a forest of Sal and Mango trees. The forest is watered by a perennial spring, which only adds to the beauty of the environment of the temple.

The temple houses the idol of Devi Durga in the sanctum sanctorum. It is supposed to be...

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Potagarh Fort
35 kms from Brahmapur city limits

Potagarh fort is 35 kms away from Berhampur.

Potagarh fort is a historical place situated near the city of Berhampur, built by Britishers during their rule in India. The fort is situated on the bank of river Rusikulya. The horrible epidemic that had spread out during 1815 caused the destruction of this very famous fort. The beauty of this place situated near the river gives this place a very calm and enjoyable experience. Potagarh is a sizable fort and looks more like a combination of two or three forts or fortresses, on the banks of the Rushikulya river or at the point where the riv...

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Taratarini Temple is a holy site for Hindus located in Brahmapur, Odisha. The place is at a distance of about 34 kms from the Brahmapur Railway Station.

The Taratarini temple stands on the banks of the River Rishikulya and atop the Kumari hills, which has a height of approximately 708ft. It is one of the most ancient and important Shaktipeeths in India. The breasts of Sati are said to have fallen on the spot where the temple presently is. The presiding deities are the goddesses Tara and Tarini. They exist in the temple in the form of two stones, which have been augmented by preciou...

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Ujjaleshwar Temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is situated near the Ghodahada Dam, one of the popular tourist destinations of Odisha. Tourists flow to this place year-round to experience the magnificent spiritually enlightening atmosphere of this place. It is believed that this temple used to exist from ancient times. It is located at a distace of 48 kms from Brahmapur.

The temple a sacred place filled with unique energy and spiritually motivating vibes. This sanctuary is produced from a hollow cave-like structure of stone which is situated at the top of a hill. T...