There are many temples dedicated for Sheetal Mata Devi in India but one such notable temple for Sheetal Mata Devi is present in Bilaspur city of Chattisgarh. This temple is located only 1. 9 kilometers far from the Bilaspur city center and it takes only 6 mnutes to reach by vehicle and only 22 minutes to reach by walk to this holy temple.

Sheetala Mata devi is actually a folk deity who is worshipped in the North regions of India and also in other countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakisthan. According to epic stories, she is the incarnation of the Supreme Goddess Durga who cures Poxes, sores and even other diseases. Literally Sheetala means 'One who Cools' in Sanskrit language. She is primarily worshipped during winter and spring seasons. There are no particular records of the temple built for Sheetala devi here in Bilaspur but it is believed here that she has power to fulfill all the wishes of devotees who come and have darshan of her.

Sheetal Mata Devi Mandir can be visited during timings 5:00 AM - 7:00 PM. The temple is usually crowded during the Navarathri festivals.