Kori dam has been a premium tourist destination in Bilaspur district for decades. As they have lashing water resource and green mountains surrounded by them, hundreds of tourist are thronging the dam to see the majestic beauty of the reservoir which is almost filled with water to the brim. It is located at a distance of 36 kms from city center of Bilaspur.

When in Bilaspur, Kori Dam is an absolute necessity go excursion spot where we can appreciate the delightful sight of the Dam which shows up a ceaseless dam. There is a rest house and excellent patio nursery and obviously parcel of space to play and cook. A few spots are likewise shaded for the utilization of the guests.

The tourist arriving at the dam are very eager to get a stay in the great guest house of Kori dam. there is also a small falls running through the side of the pathways. This dam is well suitable for family picnics and other hootenanny celebrations. The Kori Dam is also offering boating facitlities for enjoying the spectacular view of the hills with a magnifescent ride in the boat.

The best time visit this place is by early morning where the sunrises with the blushing clouds and a peaceful water resourse. There is no entry fee to this dam, it is open 24 hours.