In the middle of bustling streets teeming with motor vehicles and large buildings of glass and concrete stands the Lallgarh Palace - a magnificent testament to the grandeur of ages long gone. Situated about 5 kilometres from Bikaner junction, the palace built by Maharaja Ganga Singh is an emblem of a modern monarch.

The architecture of the palace presents a harmonious marriage of the east and the west - with the exteriors displaying panoramas of classical Mughal and Rajput designs made from fine red sandstone quarried from the Thar desert, and a British inspired layout within. The three-storey complex is furnished with drawing rooms, smoking rooms, billiard, card rooms, lounges, cupolas, pavilions, several grand halls and a dining room with a capacity of 400 guests. Embellished with elegant pillars, elaborate fireplaces, Italian fireplaces, intricate lattice work and filigree work, the palace exhibits an assortment of delicate craftsmanship. Encompassing this stone structure are beautiful grounds, where one can bask in the joy of winter sunlight in the company of dancing peacocks.

This exquisite desert oasis also comprises of an indoor pool. Although one wing of the palace is retained by the royal family as their residence, two wings have been converted into a luxury heritage hotel, where one can gather a complete experience of a palatial lifestyle with modern amenities. The hallways are adorned with paintings, photographs and trophies resplendent of a bygone era. The entire ambience of the mansion is royal and bewitching, almost as if one can feel the splendor of those who have made its charm. The Shri Sadul Museum in the west wing of the palace is known for the fourth largest private library in the world.

In a perfect blend of heritage and contemporary, guests may dine al fresco, delighting in traditional and continental cuisines to the charm of Rajasthani folk music and dance. The place witnesses greater footfall during winters owing to the pleasant weather conditions. It remains open to the public during timings 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM on all days except Sunday. An entry fee of INR 10 is charged from Indian tourists and INR 20 for foreign tourists.