The Ganjer Wildlife Sanctuary is a lush and green haven for admirers of nature. Located at a distance of 32 kms from the city of Bikaner, it is situated surrounding a lake and in close proximity to the Ganjer Palace. This sanctuary was earlier used by the Maharaja of Bikaner as a hunting ground, but has now transformed into a home for a variety of species of animals, birds and trees.

As it being home to several different species of wildlife, some of the resident species of the Ganjer Wildlife Sanctuary include wildfowls, deers, antelopes, nilgais, chinkaras, black bucks, desert foxes and wild boars. It is also home to various different types of Fauna. Due to the presence of a lake, trees in this sanctuary are home to a wide variety of water bird species such as Imperial Sand Grouse, Indian Houbara Bustards, Water fouls, Demoiselle Cranes and a wide variety of other migratory birds. The sparkling lake not only adds to the beauty of the sanctuary, but also helps quench the thirst of animals during summers. This is also one of the forests proposed for the reintroduction of cheats in India.

The Ganjer Palace adds an interesting spice to the mix of quaint and lush greenery. Earlier used as a house the Maharaja’s esteemed guests including viceroys and other prominent figures during the pre-independence era, the palace has now been converted inta a luxury hotel.

Wildlife safaris are regularly conducted, and one can choose a jeep from the array of options available. Jungle safaris are available for visitors interested in exploring deeper into the sanctuary. There is availability of numerous knowledgeable guides who have years of experience in the Ganjer Wildlife Sanctuary.

The best time to visit the Ganjer Wildlife Sanctuary is from November to February. The Ganjer Wildlife Sanctuary can be visited during timings 6:00 AM - 6:00 PM, and the entry fee for a jeep is INR 3000.