Bikaner is a city in the north Indian state of Rajasthan. Surrounded by the Thar Desert. The city is known for its historic areas, Rajput architecture and historic forts. Vibrant deserts, fabulous forts, desert safaris make Bikaner a blooming beauty in the Thar desert. The city is adorned with gigantic and spectacular forts and palaces that tell the world about the opulence of its rulers.

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1/23 Places to Visit in Bikaner
Bhandasar Jain Temple, Bikaner
2.5 kms from Bikaner city limits

Ever wondered about visiting a temple made from ghee, as per the legends. The 3-storeyed Jain Temple of Bikaner known as Seth Bhandasar Temple is the one considered to be made up from about 40,000 Kgs of ghee during the 15th Century by the Bhandasa Oswal. It is located in the Southwest of the Bikaner City ,near the Laxminath Temple, with approximate distance of 2. 5 Kms from the Bikaner Junction Railway Station.

The Seth Bhandasar temple is a beautiful architectural masterpiece made from red sandstone with 40000 kgs of ghee and is famous for it's beautiful gold leaf paintings, f...

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Bikaji ki Tekri is the first humble fort in the city Bikaner. The distance of this historical place from the centre of Bikaner is only 3 kilometre and it will take only 10-14 minutes to reach there by a car. It is located just outside of the city in the vicinity of the old palace.

According to the history, Rao Bika was the founder of Bikaner. He left his father's area Jodhpur and carved out his own territory in the wild regions of Bikaner. This is now known as Bikaji ki Tekri. It is near about 500 years old. It houses the Royal Chhatris or umbrellas which was made to commemorate the ...

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Bikaner Miniature Arts Musem
Within Bikaner city limits

Bikaner Miniature Arts museum is an art school and gallery maintained by Swamy and his family which has been painting the miniature for years. From Bikaner city center, the museum is two kilometers away or a 10-minute drive. The Bikaner Miniature Arts museum is located in Bikaner city-limits.

Rajasthan has been a home for art and culture lovers. From the ancient times, various forms of art have transferred from one generation to other generation. Among those, miniature art is the prominent art. Miniatures are intricate, vivid paintings, small in size, executed scrupulously with gen...

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Dungar Singh Statue, Bikaner
1.3 kms from Bikaner city limits

Dungar Singh Statue is an architectural evidence to commemorate the Maharaja Dungar Singh of Bikaner. This historical statue is only 1. 3 kms away from the centre of the city Bikaner. It will take only 5 minutes to reach there from the centre of the city through Junagarh Fort Road. The place where it is located is called Rath Khana Colony.

According to the history, Rao Bika was the founder of Bikaner. One of his successors was Maharaja Dungar Singh. He was very much interested in education related things and established first schools in Bikaner. He made the first police force of that...

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Gajner Lake, Bikaner
32 kms from Bikaner city limits

The Gajner Palace situated in the Gajner, Bikaner in Rajasthan had been constructed by Maharaja Gaj Singh ji of Bikaner in the year 1784, and then completed by the great Maharaja Ganga Singh of Bikaner on the banks of the Gajner Lake. This Gajner Lake is in the heart of the Wildlife Sanctuary, and also aligned with the Gajner Palace barely 32 kms from Bikaner city in Rajasthan.

The Gajner Lake provides water a variety of Flora and Fauna of the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary. Once a summer holiday home and hunting lodge for the royals, it nows serves up as a hotel for the tourists. T...

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Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary
32 kms from Bikaner city limits

The Ganjer Wildlife Sanctuary is a lush and green haven for admirers of nature. Located at a distance of 32 kms from the city of Bikaner, it is situated surrounding a lake and in close proximity to the Ganjer Palace. This sanctuary was earlier used by the Maharaja of Bikaner as a hunting ground, but has now transformed into a home for a variety of species of animals, birds and trees.

As it being home to several different species of wildlife, some of the resident species of the Ganjer Wildlife Sanctuary include wildfowls, deers, antelopes, nilgais, chinkaras, black bucks, desert fox...

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Also known as Ganga Government Museum, Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum is one of the best museums in Rajasthan state. The museum was built in 1937 to commemorate the Golden Jubilee celebrations of Maharaj Ganga Singh. The museum is a just 10-minute drive from the center of Bikaner, or it is 2. 2 kms from Bikaner city center. The Ganga Golden Jubilee museum is located in Bikaner city-limits.

Ganga Golden Jubilee Museum, one of the magnificent museum in Indian history, is situated in the Lalgarh Palace of Bikaner. From cultural and heritage aspect, Rajasthan has an abundance of artifacts...

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Imperial Art Gallery, Bikaner
Within Bikaner city limits

Imperial Art Gallery is the most famous art gallery of Bikaner, it has a vast collection of different types of paintings and work of great and popular artists. The gallery also covers Handicraft items, Marble Art work and Traditional Art work. It is located in the city-limits of Bikaner. Imperial Art Gallery is among the most prominent attractions of this city.

Imperial Arts Gallery, Bikaner is a place where soul of traditional art is still alive and people like us are those soul energizers. Imperial Arts consist of the colorful illuminations, which captured the fancy of the royalt...

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Junagarh Fort is one of the most popular forst in India, situated near the city of Bikaner. This huge old fort was named 'Chintamani' at the initial stages after being constructed. Later in the 20th century, it was renamed with 'Junagarh' which means 'Old Fort'. This fort is a standing example of the Rajput glory and their brilliance in architecture and arts. Though, sometimes, Mughal culture and British effect can also be found. This fort was built outside the original fort of the city and it is near about 1. 4 kilometre from the heart of the city Bikaner. Unlike most of the forts, the Junaga...

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Karni Mata Temple, Bikaner
30 kms from Bikaner city limits

Also famous by the name of 'Temple of Rats', the Karni Mata Temple of Bikaner is one of the most famous temples of India. Situated at a distance of around 30 Kms to the South from Bikaner city, there are a lot of speculations in circulation about the temple.

The popularity of the temple is solely due to the myriad devotees of Karni Mata, who visit the temple from different parts of the country. Every day, thousands of devotees make a bow at the temple. Another thing which makes this temple famous is the huge number of rats found in the temple compound. Present day, it's estimated t...

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Kassaiyon Ki Baari is located between Muhammadi Masjid and Dauji road. It is basically a street consisting of various shops where traditional handicrafts are sold at a cheap rateIt is located within city limits of Bikaner.

It has Muhammadi masjid nearby which is a famous masjid, many come from all over the world to worship. Jama Masjid is also located nearby. Kassaiyon Ki Baari has three great gates, four towers and two 40 metres high minarets constructed with strips of red sandstone and white marble. The courtyard can accommodate more than 25,000 people . There are three domes on ...

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Kodamdeshwar Temple, Bikaner
24 kms from Bikaner city limits

Built by Rao Bikaji, the founder of Bikaner, during the first three years of his arrival from Jodhpur, is the Kodamdeshwar Temple. It is located about 24 kms from Bikaner, on NH15 in Rajasthan. The main deity of the temple is Lord Bhairon. It is on the site of the Kodamdeshwar Temple that Rao Bikaji was to establish the first foundation of the city, but changed it to another location due to his belief in omens. A unique characterstic of the temple is the absence of any walls or doors. The temple complex has marble flooring, and the idol of Lord Bhairon is placed in the centre. One can also see...

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Kote Gate, Bikaner
Within Bikaner city limits

Offering a glimpse of the magnificent architectural work in the city, Kote Gate is the main entrance gate of Bikanker. This daunting structure is an example of fine artistry of the workers belonging to the olden days and is considered as the market area of Bikaner. There are numerous shops nearby this area and here one can see a beautiful display of traditional clothing, goods, etc. Kote gate separates the old city and the new city of Bikaner, standing tall in the middle of the road. While on one side is the modern city, the other side of the gate has stunning mansions (havellis), which are ar...

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In the middle of bustling streets teeming with motor vehicles and large buildings of glass and concrete stands the Lallgarh Palace - a magnificent testament to the grandeur of ages long gone. Situated about 5 kilometres from Bikaner junction, the palace built by Maharaja Ganga Singh is an emblem of a modern monarch.

The architecture of the palace presents a harmonious marriage of the east and the west - with the exteriors displaying panoramas of classical Mughal and Rajput designs made from fine red sandstone quarried from the Thar desert, and a British inspired layout within. The ...

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Asia's biggest camel farm - the National Research Centre on Camel, located about 8 kms away from the city centre, is an autonomous research centre set up by the government in 1984, and serves additionally as a tourist attraction where enthusiasts come to witness these resilient animals in all their glory. The camel is a crucial component of the desert ecosystem - the so called 'Ship of the Desert' has earned its title due to its indispensable role as an instrument of transport and utility in the barren desert. One can easily reach this place by auto rickshaw or by cab.

The National...

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The Rampuria Haveli is considered as "the pride of Bikaner" because of its unmatchable levels of antiquity, grandeur and exquisiteness. This Haveli is 1. 7 km via Heritage Rte from the main city, Bikaner, posing as a great tourist destination.

The reminiscence of the bygone era, the Rampuria Haveli has been constructed during the 15th century by Balujee Chalva as ordered by a wealthy merchant family, Rampuria. It owns its royal and elegant look as Dulmera red sandstone is the crucial base material for its magnificient elegancy. This Haveli poses its beauty as a fusion of mughal ...

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Sadul Singh Museum, Bikaner
Within Bikaner city limits

Situated within the city limits of Bikaner, the Sadul Singh Museum is one of the many attractions of Bikaner which one must visit for sure during their visit to the city. Situated on the first floor of Lalgarh Palace, the museum has been built in the memory of Kings Sadul Singh, Ganga Singh and Karni Singh.

Among the large collection of historical artefacts displayed by the museum, walkthrough of the place gives a sensation of livid royal warrior heritage, speaking a lot about the history the artefacts were a part of. While strolling through Sadul Singh Museum, one will come across...

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Shiv Bari Temple Bikaner
6 kms from Bikaner city limits

Rajasthan offers you plenty as a tourist destination. The desert, the numerous forts and palaces, the museums, number of picturesque places - all these make Rajasthan tours a thoroughly enjoyable experience for tourists of all types. The temples in Bikaner are a major attraction for tourists and Shiv Bari Temple is one such of them. Built of red sandstone in the 19th century, Shiv Bari temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple is located about 6 kms from the main city of Bikaner and about 5 Kms from the Bikaner junction railway station and one can reach the temple via cab or an auto. It ta...

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Shri Laxminath temple is one of the oldest temples of the city of Bikaner. It is located within the city limits and is only 3km away from the Bikaner Junction. The temple is devoted to Lord Vishnu and Goddess Laxmi and was built by Mahraja Rao Lunakaran of Bikaner in the 14th century. The construction of the temple was started in 1504 and it further took 22 years to completely built the temple. The temple is buit as a throne of lord Laxminath, who was believed to be the ruler of the land.

Shri Laxminath temple is built from red sandstone, which was imported from Jaisalmer and marbl...

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Station Road Market, Bikaner
Within Bikaner city limits

Station Road Market is one of the most prominent markplaces in Bikaner. Station Road Market is easily accessible from Bikaner being very close to the city center.

The Station Road market is filled with numerous varieties of shops and small time vendors. This market is a fabulous place to acquire embroidered footwear (jootis), local fabrics, leather goods and wood as well as traditional artifacts. Customers can even get a customized Jooti within 24 hours. It is also known for the local miniature paintings and gold worked wood and leather crafts. For the foodies, the famous Haldiram Bh...

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The Royal Cenotaphs Devikund Sagar is located 8 kms towards east from the centre of the city. Rao Bikaji, his descendants and other members of royal family of the city of Bikaner are cremated here. This place immortalize the members of Royal family of Bikaner. The rulers of royal family in chronological order are Rao Bikaji, Jet Singh, Rao Kalyan Singh, Maharaja Anup Singh, maharaja Gaj Singh, Maharaja Surat Singh and Maharaja Karni Singh. The Devikund Sagar houses cenotaphs of 22 female Satis and 1 Sata.

The cenotaphs or monuments in the Royal Cenotaphs Devikund Sagar have epigrap...

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Bhairu Ji temple which was founded by Shri Brijarji built in 1933 is located in Toliyasar, in Bikaner district. It is located within Bikaner city-limits.

In this temple the principal deity is Bhairon ji. The idol of Bhairoji is 2 feet High. It's made of black stone, where Bhairoji is seated on a dog. There is an old statue which is made of rock is 2 feet 3 inches high.

In Toliasar, the temple of Bhairuji is very very old and it commands great respect from the people around. The people believe that Bhairji gave orders to his pujari (priest) in dream to construct a temple...

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Vaishno Dham Temple, dedicated to goddess 'Vaishnavi', was established by an organisation by the name of 'Shree Bhagwati Mandal Bikaner' in a village called 'Ridmalsar Purohitan' in Bikaner, in the year 2000. Later, the main idol of the goddess was established in 2002. This temple is situated at a distance of 8. 5 kms from the heart of Bikaner and is a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike. If you are looking for a place which stands for religious devotion along with aesthetic appeal, then Vaishno Dham Temple is for you.

Another aspect that adds flavour to a trip to Vais...