Anand Mahal or also known as the Place of Delights was built in 1589 by Adil Shah II, the monument has two stories that were housed by the King and the Ladies of the Palace. Built on a grand scale, the Palace has beautifully ornated chambers and ornated walls, the monument is on all sides surrounded by gardens and florations. Situated at a mere distance of 750 metres from the Bijapur City Bus Stand, the distance can be covered in under 5 mins via the Jamiya Masjid Road and Mangoli Road.

It is the most conspicuous palace in Bijapur, and has a particularly fine large open halls. It has been made into a residence for the First Assistant Collector and the Judge. The facade was never finished, it having been the intention of the builders to continue the arching further along on both sides of the present three arches. The appearance of the building has suffered considerably from the new additions. Anand Mahal was built by Ibrahim Adil Shah II in 1589. It is difficult to say which was the finer palace of the two, this or the Gagan Mahal beside it. The Anand Mahal or Palace of Delight, was built for the Ladies of the Palace and contained the King's private apartments, whilst the Gagan Mahal was the great Darbar Hall. Immediately behind the palace are some small buildings, the nearest being a little mosque, plainly built and portrays simplicity with two inscriptions in its mehrab. The next room to this is the station library.

Anand Mahal is a very important and infamous monument of Bijapur. It is surrounded by flourishing gardens and have numerous small waterfalls. The walls of Anand Mahal are designed beautifully with huge rooms along with two large halls, namely the Central Hall and Frontal Hall. The interiors of the fort are festooned with charming foliations which are regarded as key attraction for travellers. Anand Mahal is also termed as the 'Palace of Delights' due to its beautiful decoration and eye pleasing architecture. The Central Hall and the Frontal Halls were used for gatherings of the ladies of the Palace where evening were spent in rejoice, lightness of mood, laughter and discussion, it was a needed break from the busier and intense Durbar sessions. The Halls are grandly built with beautiful incarnations and patterns on the cielings and walls. Anand Mahal , the name comes from 'anand' translating to happiness, describing the Palace extensively and appropriately.

No entry fee is charged upon the tourists who wish to visit and compliment the beauty and might of its built. Travelling to Anand Mahal is advised in the Early Winter months or the early monsoon months, as the plants and gardens look exuberant during the monsoon. Anand Mahal is among the most attractive establishment in the city. Its lovely gardens and cascades attracts a large number of tourists. Due to the magnificent structure along with the majestic interiors and exteriors, Anand Mahal has great significance as tourism place. Furthermore, Anand Mahal has rich historical significance in relation with its creator and other developers which makes it an interesting place for holiday visit.

Anand Mahal can be visited during timings 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM.