Te tomb of Ibrahim Vaya happens to be one of the most popular places of history in Bihar Sharif. The tomb of Ibrahim Vaya is located within the city limits of Bihar Sharif and is easily accessible through public transport such as auto-rickshaws and buses.

Going into the historical background of the tomb of Ibrahim Vaya, Syed Mallick Ibrahim Vaya had come to Bihar in India during the rule of Mohammad Tuqhlaq in 1339 AD. Syed Mallick Ibrahim Vaya is known as the progenitor of the Mallick Muslims in Bihar. Ibrahim Vaya had settled in Bihar Sharif with his family during his reign, until his assassination soon after. His body had been preserved in a tomb atop a hill known as Pir Pahari in Bihar Sharif, which is now known as the tom of Ibrahim Vaya and is one of the most popular yet offbeat tourist spots in Bihar Sharif.

Visitors can visit this tomb at the top of Pir Pahari and admire the beauty and sturdiness of the tomb which has stood up through many wars and natural calamities. The area around the tomb is also peaceful and a brilliant place to spend time at.

There is no entry fee or a prescribed time period to visit the tomb of Ibrahim Vaya. The months of October to March are good for visiting this place due to the proper climate which is not humid. The tomb is usually open to visitors during day timings.