Covered with lush green trees on every side of the place, Ghora Katora Lake in Rajgir is one of the best places to visit if you plan on going to Bihar Sharif. Ghora Katora Lake in Rajgir is located about 23. 5 kms from Bihar Sharif and can be reached via NH20. Visitors can opt to take a private vehicle or take a tonga, also known as horse drawn carts, for themselves. Vehicles are not allowed inside the lake premises and hence the horse drawn carts are suggested and takes about 30-40 minutes to reach the main area with the lake.

The place Ghora Katora Lake in Rajgir derives its name from an interesting fact that this lake located near Bihar Sharif is in the shape of a horse, thus attracting more curious tourists who are keen on finding out the history behind the name of the lake. This unusual lake is surrounded by hills from three sides and as well as some flora. Being a bit outside the main city area, it is a very quiet place and very good for having a picnic. Ghora Katora Lake in Rajgir being surrounded by the most natural environment is a definite reason for visiting this place. Being amidst the mountains in a lake gives an absolutely surreal feeling to the visitors coming this place. Locals also believe that this lake is where the stable of King Jarasandha was located.

Being quite a big place to be at, Ghora Katora Lake at Rajgir happens to have quite a few activities that visitors can enjoy. There is boating available for the visitors which can be availed at Rs. 40 per head. The tongas or horse driven carts are available at Rs. 100 per head for reaching till the lake. There is also the presence of 70 feet tall Buddha statue.

There is no entry fees to enter the Ghora Katora in Rajgir, but there is a fee for taking the tonga till the lake which is the only way to reach the lake. It is advisable to visit around daytime during timings 7:00 AM - 6:00 PM. The months October to March are a good time visit the place.