Bihar Sharif

Bihar Sharif happens to be one of the most historically rich places in Bihar and attracts several tourists all year long. Bihar Sharif is the district headquarters of the Nalanda district in Bihar. Having roots of several Guptas, Mauryas and also Islamic and Mughal eras, Bihar Sharif is the ideal place to be for any historical buff.

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1/10 Places to Visit in Bihar Sharif

Hiranya Prabhat Parvat, now known as the Badi Pahadi, is a hill top with vast acres of arable land.

The land at Badi Pahadi has turned very productive and fertile due to the alluvial soil, which has been accumulated due to the presence of numerous rivers namely Dhoba, Panchanan and Goithva. The greater part of the economy of the place has been constituted by the agricultural and farming activities.

Badi Pahadi is the best place to visit to spend some time in peace and tranquility. The hill top offers a magnificent view of the temples and is a favorite spot for observing...

2/10 Places to Visit in Bihar Sharif

Bimbisara Jail is the place where King Bimbisara was imprisoned by his son Ajatshatru, during his last days of life. This place was chosen by the king himself for his incarceration, as from here he could see Lord Buddha going up the Griddhakuta Hill for meditation. Bimbisara's Jail is situated on the southern side of Maniyar Math, on the main road. Located near the eastern gate of the ancient Rajgir city, this is a ruin of a large square stone structure. It is located at a distance of 26 kms from Bihar Sharif.

In the middle of the valley is the ruin of a circular structure with tur...

3/10 Places to Visit in Bihar Sharif
Ghora Katora Lake in Rajgir
23.5 kms from Bihar Sharif city limits

Covered with lush green trees on every side of the place, Ghora Katora Lake in Rajgir is one of the best places to visit if you plan on going to Bihar Sharif. Ghora Katora Lake in Rajgir is located about 23. 5 kms from Bihar Sharif and can be reached via NH20. Visitors can opt to take a private vehicle or take a tonga, also known as horse drawn carts, for themselves. Vehicles are not allowed inside the lake premises and hence the horse drawn carts are suggested and takes about 30-40 minutes to reach the main area with the lake.

The place Ghora Katora Lake in Rajgir derives its name...

4/10 Places to Visit in Bihar Sharif
Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Sharif Ud Din
Within Bihar Sharif city limits

The tomb of Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Sharif-Ud-Din is one of the best historical places to visit in Bihar Sharif. This tomb is located within the main city limits can be easily accessed via auto-rickshaws or buses which can be availed without any difficulty.

The tomb of Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Sharif Ud Din is a beautiful mausoleum of the Sufi Saint, Hazrat Makhdoom Shah Sharif-ud-din. This tomb had been built in 1569 AD and is located on the southern shore of the river in Bihar Sharif. The tomb of Makhdoom Shah Sharif-Ud-Din is undoubtedly a perfect destination for a great time for visit...

5/10 Places to Visit in Bihar Sharif
Jarasandha ka Akhara Rajgir
26.7 kms from Bihar Sharif city limits

One of the best historical sites to visit in Bihar Sharif has to be Jarasandha ka Akhar. Being an offbeat historical place to visit, Jarasandha ka Akhara is located about 26. 7 kms away from the main city area of Bihar Sharif.

Jarasandha ka Akhara is a historial location which is house in Rajgir along the districts of Nalanda. Jarasandha ka Akhara is also popularly known as Ranbhumi which means battlefield, thus making this place of great historical importance an attracting several visitors. Coming to the historical facts surrounding the place, the Akhara is named after Jarasandha ...

6/10 Places to Visit in Bihar Sharif
Kakolat Waterfalls
69 kms from Bihar Sharif city limits

Kakolat Waterfall, situated on the Kakolat hill, located on the border of Bihar and Jharkhand, just 69 kms from Bihar Sharif. This is one of the most visited and renowned Bihar getaway, where tourists come from all over the state and adjoining areas to witness the sheer beauty of Mother Nature cascading marvelously.

The Kakolat waterfall of Bihar cascades down from a height of between 150 and 160 feet and forms a natural reservoir at the base of the waterfall. this place is easily connected by roadways and railways. Legends are also associated with the Kakolat waterfall such as, a ...

7/10 Places to Visit in Bihar Sharif
Within Bihar Sharif city limits

Odantapuri, also known as Uddandapura is one of the famous places for celebrating the teachings surrounding Buddhism. Odantapuri is located within the city limits of Bihar Sharif and can reached using auto-rickshaws or buses or even private transport facilities.

Odantapuri, which is popularly known as Odantapuri University had been founded in the 7th century by Gopala who was the first ruler of the Pala dynasty. Apart from Odantapuri, Nalanda is also similarly known for its outstanding education facilities as a university which is located in the same vicinity. Odantapuri served as ...

8/10 Places to Visit in Bihar Sharif
Subhash Chandra Bose Park Bihar Sharif
Within Bihar Sharif city limits

Subhash Chandra Bose Park in the Bihar Sharif has a lot to offer to the visitors. The Park is located quite close to the city center.

The park is not just the place for sightseeing, but it also enables one to steal a self-indulgent moment for oneself as well World standards, extraordinary architecture, innovative layouts, and well-thought execution make place a highly coveted point of tourist interest. The park has such magnificent views that it serves as a favorite tourist spot and photo walks for budding photographers and tourist. There are row of roses that attract the eyes of th...

9/10 Places to Visit in Bihar Sharif

Son Bhandar caves or Swarna Bhandari Caves are found at Rajgir in Bihar. The caves are situated at a distance of 27 kms from Bihar Sharif.

The Son Bhandar caves are two rock cut caves that are located at the foot of the Vaibhar Hills. The caves were hollowed in the cliff of the hill during the 3rd and 4th century AD. Inscriptions found inside one of the caves narrates that the caves were constructed by the Jain saint Muni Vairadevi as an abode for the Jain ascetics during that time. The Son Bhandar cave chambers are polished, which makes it one of the rare cave temples in the countr...

10/10 Places to Visit in Bihar Sharif
Tomb of Ibrahim Vaya
Within Bihar Sharif city limits

Te tomb of Ibrahim Vaya happens to be one of the most popular places of history in Bihar Sharif. The tomb of Ibrahim Vaya is located within the city limits of Bihar Sharif and is easily accessible through public transport such as auto-rickshaws and buses.

Going into the historical background of the tomb of Ibrahim Vaya, Syed Mallick Ibrahim Vaya had come to Bihar in India during the rule of Mohammad Tuqhlaq in 1339 AD. Syed Mallick Ibrahim Vaya is known as the progenitor of the Mallick Muslims in Bihar. Ibrahim Vaya had settled in Bihar Sharif with his family during his reign, unti...