The 'Pasharwnath Tirth' temple in Narpura is one of the famous Jain temples in this area. It is located at a distance of 21. 4 kms from Bhilai Nagar Railway Station.

The Pasharwnath Tirth temple is dedicated to 23rd Tirthankar (Jain Saint) Parshwanath and is a place which represents the presence of Parshwanath around 3000 year ago. This temple is also known as Shri Uwassaggaharam Parshwa Tirth among the locals, where ‘Uwassaggaharam’ means the emancipator of all evils. The temple is having a very nice build, it is made of white marble and is also having great carvings around. It is decorated with beautiful lighting inside the temple and images of Tirthankars are also placed inside the sanctum. The height of the temple is decently high and shows off the figures of deities and animals artistically carved on the walls of the temple. Worshippors arrive here in large numbers and hence an image of the saint’s footprint has been kept here on the right side of the entrance to the main temple, which is another staunch point of devotion. Tourists are seen here very often as this temple also provides accommodation facilities around. Along with all these basics the temple also comes up with an auditorium, a garden and many small temples around. It’s a very comfortable place for a frequent visit.

The Pasharwnath Tirth temple is a considered to be a holy place where devotees turn up in large numbers very frequently and specially during full-moon nights the crowd here is to its extreme extent, when people come here from various corners of India. Another astonishing feature is oozing of sacred water "AMIYA" or nectar from the idol. People can easily spend around 2 hours here.

The Pasharwnath Tirth temple is a kind of place which nourishes every coming tourist as it is easier to get accommodation, food and extreme peace of mind here. Other than that, it welcomes every visitor and shows its concern towards them by doing activities like keeping the temple closed from 12 A. M. - 4 P. M. during summers so that devotees won’t come up in extreme heat. This place is open on all the days and can be visited during timings 5:00 AM - 11:00 PM.