God krishna's statue is located at the heart of bhilai, the civic center area, chattisgarh.

The statue is historical landmark. The statue is of the arjun's rath. The statue is the significant of the time when lord krishna were guiding arjun in the epic mahabharata. It was created in the 2000s. It is the central attraction of the civic center. It is located inside the park. It is good place to hangout. The area is well lightened. There are benches to sit, relax and seek peace of mind while looking at lord krishna and arjuna. The work of this rath is very creative and artistic as well as appreciable. The place is very soothing. Around there are markets to visit and also the good restaraunts and good food stalls. The crowd here is very good.

The best time to visit is in the evening. The place is open 24 hours. There is no entry fees charged to visit the statue.