Ibrahim Shah Tomb is one of the major tourist attractions in the city of Bhagalpur. Located at Khanjarpur, this historical monument is situated at a distance of a mere 2. 8 km from Bhagalpur, Bihar and can be reached in just 15 mins via RBSS Sahay Road by a personal vehicle. The tomb is renowned all over the country for its historical importance and architecture.

Ibrahim Shah Tomb is a grand monument and is considered the greatest architectural marvel in Northern Bihar. In ancient time, there were many Mughal monuments being built in the Bhagalpur but they were majorly small mosques made of brick and couldn’t stand the pressure of time. But the tomb of Ibrahim Husein Khan built in the east end of the town around 1650 AD was an exception and was built in a great taste. The entire monument is built on a high battlemented plinth and consists of octagonal towers on each of its four corners. Unfortunately, only the base of these four towers exists now after over 4 centuries of war and destruction. The tomb consists of a central chamber enclosed by a gallery or Verandah on each side with five arched openings. The mausoleum is rectangular in plan with a central pointed dome surrounded by four domed kiosks or chhatris. There are several decorative finials on the roof at each of the four corners of the monument and on the monumental gateway to the south. This monument is a testimony of the great Mughal Architecture and their power in the country in that era. A rumour says that the Nawab who ordered the construction of the Tomb cut off the hands of the architect, so no other monument could ever rival the design of his favourite construction.

Ibrahim Shah Tomb is a fine specimen of late Mughal architecture. The list of Ancient Monuments in Bihar describes the monument as “a very pretty monument, in good condition”. Francis Buchanan, a Scottish physician and geographer who visited the tomb in 1810 highly appreciated the monument in his works. He claimed that the tomb was far better than other Muslim monuments of the same period in the Northern Bihar. The tomb was repaired in 1845 by the Magistrate of Bhagalpur. Today, the structure is a significant historical monument in Bhagalpur and is treated like a Mausoleum by the local Muslims who offer prayers in the tomb. It is located in a lane opposite the Sundarwati Mahila College of Bhagalpur, making it an ideal spot for an outing. It is also a good site for a family picnic where you can spend some good family time and also teach the children about the history of the country, the historical city of Bhagalpur and its rulers.

Bhagalpur is one of the largest towns in Bihar and is filled with a ton of historical monuments and other tourist-attracting sites. But the Tomb of Ibrahim Husein Khan is an epic structure which stands apart in this largely crowded and sprawling city. Visitors ideally spend about an hour in this magnificent work of history, admiring its architecture and intricate Mughal carvings and designs. Ibrahim Shah Tomb has visiting timings 9. 00 AM - 7. 00 PM, on all days of the week. The best time to visit this historical monument is in the evening in order to avoid the afternoon heat and to enjoy the view of the monument during the evening Namaz.