Bhagalpur Museum is one of the most prestigious tourist attractions in the city of Bhagalpur. Located at Kachari Chowk, it is situated at a distance of mere 1. 8 km from Bhagalpur. It is one of the most important monuments in Bhagalpur and is renowned for housing various artefacts belonging to different phases of history.

Bhagalpur Museum houses artefacts dating as far as 6th and 7th Century. The museum was opened to the public on 11th November 1976 and contains various artefacts, idols and ancient texts collected from different parts of Bhagalpur City. Bhagalpur itself is a city of great historical, mythological and archaeological importance and thus provides many ancient pieces of history to be preserved and showcased in the Museum. The city of Bhagalpur was once part of the Anga Kingdom ruled by Karna during Mahabharata. It is also believed to be the origin place of the elixir of immortality churned out during the Samundra Mantha of the ocean of milk done by Gods and Demons. A number of artefacts present in the museum are created by the gifted artist of Patna, Satya Bhama Jalan. There are several eye-catching idols of Hindu deities excavated from nearby sites.

Bhagalpur Museum is unique in its style and attract tourists from all across the country. The antiques and history present in the museum are frequently visited by students, tourists, researchers and trainee archaeologists. It is a hub for school and college students out on an official tour. Some of the antiques present in the Museum include the idol of Buddha, Statues of Lord Ganesh, Idol of Mahishasurmardini, Idols of Goddess Durga and Idols of Lord Vishnu. Bihar was a centre for spreading Buddhism and was home to Lord Buddha for many years and thus provides many artefacts related to Lord Buddha. Several other statues have also been excavated from nearby sites and are showcased in the Bhagalpur Museum.

Bhagalpur Museum is a place of great significance and its galleries contain scriptures, artworks, anthologies of ancient manuscripts and much more. Visitors ideally spend 1-2 hours in this museum indulging and learning all about the history of this great city. Bhagalpur Museum has timings 10. 30 AM - 4. 30 PM, six days of the week. It remains closed on Mondays and Public Holidays. The entry fee to the Museum is just INR 5. The best time to visit the museum is during the afternoon on a non-holiday to avoid any rush.