Ramanadurga Hill station is a located near Sandur, a town in the Bellary district of Karnataka, India. Ramanadurga Hill is located at a distance of 60 Kms from Bellary set amidst the granite hills. The Ramanadurga Hill station is located at a height of 3256 feet above the sea level.

Ramanadurga Hill is famous for the ancient fort that was built by the Prince of Kampli. The hill station provides you with a beautiful view of Sandur and other villages. Another attraction of Ramanadurga hill station is Ramadeva temple. The temple is known to relieve ailments and provide wealth. The temple is built out of remains from the older temple.

Visitors can spend 2-3 days on a visit to Ramanadurga Hill station. The best time to visit Ramanadurga Hill station is from May-July.