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The Bellary Fort is a tall standing monument, rising sky high from the heart of Bellary. With a strong historical allusion, the roads of Bellary have been trodden by horses, stamped by elephants, rummaged by tanks and cargos, and recently run on by cars. Almost equidistant from Bengaluru (300 kilometers), the capital of Karnataka, and Hyderabad (361 kilometers), the capital of Telangana, the Bellary Fort reiterates its strategic location as an important political stronghold, and does justice to tourists from both the places. Ballari Fort is located within the city limits.

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Dr. Rajkumar Park is a newly developed park in the Bellary city close to railway station. The place is within the city limits and is about 1km away from bus stand and about half km away from railway station. The place is also known as kuntegadda Park or Golden Jubilee Park.

The park is basically a visual treat to the eyes because of its scenic beauty with lush green meadows all over and varieties of Flora and Fauna. The park is on the hill kaate gudda is renowned for its flock of resident crows and various trees.

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Kumbhara Gudda
4.5 kms from Bellary city limits

Kumbara Hill or Gudda is one of the most popular spots one should visit if they are in Bellary. It is located at a distance of 4. 5 kms from Bellary.

Kumbara is said to be the sister of Bellary hill. Kumbara Hill is also known as Face Hill, which is derived from the southeast view of this hill. It is amazing to watch sunset which will leave anyone spell bound with its beauty. The primary attraction of Kumbara Hill is its natural curved edges. It's not a crowded always but people do visit this place on daily basis.

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A short 10 kilometer drive from Sandur Town towards Torangal, Bellary will end on the edge of an endless blue veil laid on lush green hills. Roads interspersed by hills create the only link between Narihalla Reservoir and the rest of the world. It is located at a distance of 47 kms from Bellary city.

Little known, little explored, aloof from settlements, the Narihalla Reservoir has only recently witnessed the footprints of technology with the construction of a dam near Taranagara. The redness of the soil as well as the lake water hints at the presence of iron ore underneath, linkin...

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The Parvati and Kumarswamy Temple complex is a historic religious site in Krauncha Giri which is a small settlement in Karnataka. The temple is located at a distance 36. 7 kms. It is located within the Swamimalai forest range of Krauncha Giri (hill). The Krauncha Giri hill itself is shaped like an ellipse, with a pass cutting across it.

The Kumarswamy temple is situated on south-west and is linked to the town of Sandur through road. The complex of temple encompasses separate shines dedicated to Goddess Parvati and Lord Kumaraswami. The temple also houses a Vigraha of Lord Ganesha, ...

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Ramanadurga Hill station is a located near Sandur, a town in the Bellary district of Karnataka, India. Ramanadurga Hill is located at a distance of 60 Kms from Bellary set amidst the granite hills. The Ramanadurga Hill station is located at a height of 3256 feet above the sea level.

Ramanadurga Hill is famous for the ancient fort that was built by the Prince of Kampli. The hill station provides you with a beautiful view of Sandur and other villages. Another attraction of Ramanadurga hill station is Ramadeva temple. The temple is known to relieve ailments and provide wealth. The tem...

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Tungabhadra Gardens and Dam are located across the Tungabhadra river in Hospet, a city in Bellary district of Karnataka. The Garden is located adjacent to the Tungabhadra Dam. It is located at distance of 77 Kms from Bellary.

The Tungabhadra Dam is contributing to the city's agricultural economy by serving irrigation, flood control, and electricity generation. It supplies 60-70% water to Andhra Pradesh. It is a joint project of Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh. The reservoir of the Dam is quite huge to walk up. The construction began in 1949 and completed in 1953.

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