Maiser Khana Temple is a place of worship built to honour goddesses Jwali Ji and Durga. It is situated 29 kms from the city of Bathinda at Bathinda-Mansa road.

Maiser Khana temple was built in the year 1951 by leaders like Mahavir Dal, Radhesham Budhlada Jagannath of Maur Mandi and Hansraj Aggarwal. Every year, two grand melas was organised by the commitee of the temple. It is believed that once a person called Kamala who could complete his pilgrimage to Jwala ji. He started a penance that would last a liftime in order to get darshan of the diety. So, Goddess Durga, pleased with his prayers, blessed him with vision of the jyoti of Goddess Jwala ji twice a year. In order to celebrate it, two grand melas are held here.

Many devotees come here on the occasion of the two grand melas, which are held twice in a year on ashtami. At this time, devotees from all over Punjab come to pray and pay their respects to the deity. Not even Hindus, but Sikhs also come together to participate in these grand melas. Visitors can ideally spend an hour or two at this religious site.

visitors can visit this temple at any time of the day during timings 6:00 AM - 7:00 PM.