Gurudwara Haji Rattan is one of the most visited Gurudwara of Bathinda. It is located in Hazi Rattan Nagar, Old city of Bathinda, Punjab. It is situated near Sabzi Mandi of Bathinda. The nearest bus stand to this religious site is Bathinda bus stand, which is 1. 5 kms. It lies within the city limits and 2 km from the city centre.

Hazi Rattan is kind of unusual name for a Sikh religious place. It is named after Haji Rattan but built after Guru Gobind Singh who stayed here for a night on his way to Talwandi Sabo. One of the most religious place for Sikhs, Takhat Damdama Sahib at Talwandi Sabo is just 35 kms away from this gurudwara. He camped here that night outside Haji Rattan's mausoleum, who was a muslim saint. At that time, this place was believed to be haunted but Guru Gobind Singh freed them from this superstition. This gurudwara was constructed under the reign of Maharaj Karam Singh when he took over Bathinda. There is also a Mazaar nearby to this place of Peer Hazi Rattan.

Devotees can stay here for some days as this gurudwara offers Sarai facility, with a hall that can accommodate 1000 people and 10 other rooms. You can book rooms beforehand in order to avoid inconvenience. Visitors can enjoy food here for free that is served as Langar. One can ideally spend two hours here while devotees stay here for days. Tourists feel immense pleasure on visiting this place of worship.

There is no entrance fee as to visit this religious site as well as no other charges of any kind. You can visit this beautiful architectural piece at any time of the day as it remains open on all days of the week for devotees.