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Bathinda Fort
Within Bathinda city limits

Bathinda Fort - locally called as Quila Mubarak - is located just 1. 2 kilometers far from the main city center Bathinda of Punjab State in India and it takes around 5 minutes by vehicle and only 12 minutes by walk to reach the astonishing Fort of Bathinda City.

This Bathinda Fort was described as the Fort having about 36 bastions and it lengths a height of about 118 feet which was mentioned by the Imperial Gazetteer. It denotes the greatest ever constructed landmark for many miles around it. Currently, it is undergoing some remodifications and repairings under the authority of Archa...

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Bathinda Lake
Within Bathinda city limits

Bathinda Lake is a tourist attraction in the city of Bathinda, Punjab. The place is situated about 5 km from the Bathinda Junction railway station at the centre of the city.

Bathinda is home to a number of artificial lakes, owing to which the place is also known as the 'City of Lakes'. One famous lake out of these is the Bathinda Lake. It is actually split into smaller parts named Lake 1, Lake 2 and Lake 3. The water belongs to a thermal plant in the vicinity which uses the lake to store its coolant water.

The space is now a popular spot to hang out for both local resid...

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Bathinda Zoological Park
Within Bathinda city limits

Bathinda Zoological Park, commonly known among the locals as the Bir Talab Zoo is one of the most visited places in the city of Bathinda. This zoo houses a wide variety of animals and birds and reptiles and is a treat to the lovers of wildlife. It is one of the largest zoos in the whole of Punjab state. Established in 1982, Bir Talab Zoo has gained a great reputation among travelers and hence thousands of visitors flow to this place every year. It is just 5 kilometers away from the Bathinda City Center.

Bir Talab Zoo is spread over an impressive area of 161 acres and has been ever ...

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Dhobi Market situated in the city of Bathinda in Punjab is the most famous market in the place. This historical marketplace is one of the most tourist-favorite destinations in the state. It is 1 kilometer away from the city center of Bathinda.

The Dhobi Market is near the well-known mall road of Bathinda and is the place where literally everything in the world is sold and bought. It is a street with infinite narrow alleyways on both sides which lead to different sections of shops and vendors. All requirements of the shoppers can be met in this place where wide arrays of products ar...

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Gurudwara Haji Rattan is one of the most visited Gurudwara of Bathinda. It is located in Hazi Rattan Nagar, Old city of Bathinda, Punjab. It is situated near Sabzi Mandi of Bathinda. The nearest bus stand to this religious site is Bathinda bus stand, which is 1. 5 kms. It lies within the city limits and 2 km from the city centre.

Hazi Rattan is kind of unusual name for a Sikh religious place. It is named after Haji Rattan but built after Guru Gobind Singh who stayed here for a night on his way to Talwandi Sabo. One of the most religious place for Sikhs, Takhat Damdama Sahib at T...

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Rose Garden Bathinda
Within Bathinda city limits

Rose Garden is a park and picnic spot in the city of Bathinda, Punjab. The place is located at a distance of less than 3km from the Bathinda Junction railway station.

Rose Garden in Bathinda is a large garden which boasts of a wide variety of roses in several different colours, along with a lot of other plants and trees. The place is located close to the Bathinda thermal plant, and is spread over an area of 10 acres. The garden is a great spot for both locals and visitors for taking morning walks and exercises, organising picnics or spend day-long excursions with friends. The Rose ...