Dhobi Market situated in the city of Bathinda in Punjab is the most famous market in the place. This historical marketplace is one of the most tourist-favorite destinations in the state. It is 1 kilometer away from the city center of Bathinda.

The Dhobi Market is near the well-known mall road of Bathinda and is the place where literally everything in the world is sold and bought. It is a street with infinite narrow alleyways on both sides which lead to different sections of shops and vendors. All requirements of the shoppers can be met in this place where wide arrays of products are sold. It is the best place to go on for a shopping expedition. It is also famous for the beautiful array of handicraft items and artifacts and home decors. Manoj Sweets which mesmerizes the customers with the different combination of sweet recipes, Prem Saree Emporium which is known as the mecca of sarees, Subhash General Stores etc. are some of the oldest and most popular shopping destinations in Dhobi Market. Street food items like Dhokla, Raj Kachori etc. of this place are also very famous.

Take a walk through the different alleyways of the market and explore different shops and stores. Have some from the delicious dishes served by the street vendors and get into the vibes of the place. Cheap products belonging to any category can be found here without fail and more shoppers than tourists can be found around these places. Evenings are the best to take a walk through these streets since the entire street gets lit with beautiful lamps and gets filled with hustling life. There is a mystic and beautiful aura surrounding the place in evenings that attract the visitors to the market.

Dhobi Market is a must visit for all exploring city of Bathinda. More than the wide variety of products available here, there is something more attractive about this place. The market is full of life on all days of the year and is open during timings 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM.