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Chunne Miyan's Lakshmi Narayan Temple
Within Bareilly city limits

Chunne Miyan's Lakshmi Narayan Temple is a Hindu temple located in the Bareilly city limits. The temple was originally consturcted constructed on by Muslim. The tourist attraction is just 2 kilometres away from the city limits. Locals visit the temple in large numbers, daily.

India got independence in 1947 from British. According to Mountbatten plan, The country was divided into India and Pakistan. With the religious sentiments, some Hindus, who lived in Pakistan before Independence, moved to India and vice versa. The Hindu migrants migrated to Bareilly, built a temple on a place w...

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Dargah-e-ala-Hazrat is a tomb of 19th century Hanafi Jurist, Ahmed Raza Khan. Hazrat Allama Shah Mehmood Jaan Qadri designed the dome of Dargah using matchsticks. The Dargah-e-ala Hazrat is in Bareilly city-limits.

Ahmed Raza Khan was a scholar in many ways. He knew several languages and had his works composed in the languages such as Persian, Urdu and Arabic. Due to the vast amount of knowledge by possessed by Janab Ahmed Raza Khan, he was entitled with "Ala Hazrat" which refers to the great wise man. One of the finest books written by the Ahmed Raza Khan is Fatawa Radhvia which c...

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Gauri Shankar Mandir is well known Hindu temple dedicated to Shiva-Parvathi in Bareilly. The Gauri Shankar temple is located in Bareilly city-limits.

Known as "Nath Nagari" or "Nath Nagar," Bareilly is the home of temples. Among those temples, Gauri Shankar temple stands first in the list due to its construction and large visitors. The temple is carved out using white marble which attracts the tourists from far destinations. This should include one of the top places to visit when one visit Bareilly. Gauri Shankar temple is one of the places with a great religious significance and l...

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Mahant Shree Kalugiri Ji Alakhnath Temple is a one of the oldest and most famous of Hindu temples of Bareilly in Uttar Pradesh. The temple is located near the Phool Bagh, Quilla Chawni.

Mahant Shree Salugiri Alakhnath temple is a famous temple of Lord Shiva. This temple is one of the four Shiva temples located in the four corners of Bareilly. Just at the right side of the entry gate of the temple, there is huge statue of Lord Hanuman. This gigantic statue of Lord Hanuman is about 50 feet of height. The temple is approximately 500 years old. The Shivling is a source of reverence a...

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Methodist Church is a peaceful church on the river town. Methodist Church is located in the Bareilly college road, Civil Lines. The church is in Bareilly city limits. The tourist attraction is just 2. 7 kilometeres away from the city limits.

The Methodist Church in has a regal structure that charms the devotees. The church is built with a grand red brick structure. This serves the purpose of loving the god which is taught by Jesus Christ. t is an ideal place to visit with family. The place teaches one to devote themselves to the service of God.

Visitors can ideally spen...

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Trivatinath temple is a large and a historic Hindu temple. The temple is located in Bareilly. The trivatinath temple is situated in the central park of the town on the MacNair Road at the center of the city.

Trivatinath temple is a Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Its name has been derived from the three Vat Vriksha under which it was originally constructed. The Trivatinath temple was originally constructed around the year 1474. The temple looks beautiful with serene place having very greenish and magnificent garden and clean interiors. According to myth Lord Shiva foretold ...