Dargah-e-ala-Hazrat is a tomb of 19th century Hanafi Jurist, Ahmed Raza Khan. Hazrat Allama Shah Mehmood Jaan Qadri designed the dome of Dargah using matchsticks. The Dargah-e-ala Hazrat is in Bareilly city-limits.

Ahmed Raza Khan was a scholar in many ways. He knew several languages and had his works composed in the languages such as Persian, Urdu and Arabic. Due to the vast amount of knowledge by possessed by Janab Ahmed Raza Khan, he was entitled with "Ala Hazrat" which refers to the great wise man. One of the finest books written by the Ahmed Raza Khan is Fatawa Radhvia which comprises over 12000 pages in 12 volumes. The books are complete solutions to the problems faced by Muslims in day-to-day life. The Dargah is a spiritual center for the Sunni Muslims of South Asia. In the recent past, the Dargah was the only place where Urs-e-Rizavi was held. At present, they hold the Urs in a dozen of countries. The Dargah's architecture is unique in its own ways. The architecture of Dargah is striking in its use of colour and geometric patterns. The Dargah is also an Islamic centre of knowledge.

One can spend around one hour comfortably in the tomb. The Dargah can be visited during timings 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM. The best time to visit the dargah is during the festive season of Islam and during the sunrise. The scenery at the sunrise fantastic.