Hastings House is a historic colonial bunglow located in West Bengal. Hastings House is located about 35 kms from the main city of Barasat.

Hastings House was built in the mid of 1770's-1780's till the reign of Hastings as Governor General of Bengal. After his period, his favourite country residence i. e, Hastings House was converted into a public school. Later it became as the official residence of Eastern States of India. After India' Independence it was used as Post-Graduate Basic Training College in 1948, in 1951 as Women's Section of David Hare Training College. After 1954 with the increase of women trainees, this place has become as a Teacher Education College exclusively for women only to serve women teachers and to help them. Since it has become as an education institute, not everyone is allowed into the House. Everyone can enjoy the view of Hastings House from the outside of Building and even with a special permission one can enter into it.

With prior written premission, Hastings House can be visited during timings 10:00 AM - 5:00 PM. There isn't any entry fee to see the building.