Bally Bridge which was built on Hoogly River is one such Bridge in West Bengal which is only 21. 3 kms from the main city Barsat and it takes around 35 minutes to reach by road.

Bally Bridge is actually famous with the name Vivekananda Setu and even called as Willingdon Bridge. It acts as a link connecting Howrah at Bally to its twin city Kolkata at Dakshineshwar. The construction beagn in 1926 and was completed around in December of 1932 and made it is a multi span steel bridge. It is used for both road transport and rail link. Since the famous Dakshineswar temple is situated on the banks of Hoogly River near to this Bally Bridge, many tourists can be seen heading towards it through this Bridge. It was inaugurated by the then Viceroy of India, 1st Marquess of Willngdon i. e, Freeman Freeman- Thomas that's why it was once called as Willngdon Bridge too. It was designed by the famous Kutch-Mestri contractor and Industrialist Rai Bahadur Jagmal Raja Chauhan and still today one can see the name on each grider of the Bridge. The length of bridge is about 10 Kilometres on both sides. This Bridge has its name mentioned in the Railways too because of the first train that ran across the bridge was named as Jagmal Raja Howrah Express.

There are no rigid timings to visit the Bally Bridge. Ideal time would 7:00 AM and between 4:00 PM to 6:00 PM to see the sunset view here. One can have the look of Bally Bridge while travelling through train from Sealdha Station to Delhi.