Barasat is a city and a municipality of North 24 Parganas district in the Indian state of West Bengal. It is a part of the area covered by Kolkata Metropolitan Development Authority. Historical sites like the Bungalow of Lord Hastings and the Bungalows of Magistrates of 24 Parganas are the main tourist attractions of the city.

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1/6 Places to Visit in Barasat
Bally Bridge Barasat
21.3 kms from Barasat city limits

Bally Bridge which was built on Hoogly River is one such Bridge in West Bengal which is only 21. 3 kms from the main city Barsat and it takes around 35 minutes to reach by road.

Bally Bridge is actually famous with the name Vivekananda Setu and even called as Willingdon Bridge. It acts as a link connecting Howrah at Bally to its twin city Kolkata at Dakshineshwar. The construction beagn in 1926 and was completed around in December of 1932 and made it is a multi span steel bridge. It is used for both road transport and rail link. Since the famous Dakshineswar temple is situated on the...

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Chandraketugarh Barasat
31 kms from Barasat city limits

Chandraketugarh is famous for the excavations discovered which belong to around 3rd Century BC. Chandrakethugarh is located about 31 kms from the main city Barasat of North 24 Paraganas district in West Bengal and it takes around 1 hour to reach by road to these wonderful ancient excavations.

Chandraketugarh is famous as an archaeological site which was discovered during 1957-68 under the guidance of Asutosh Museum of Indian Art. It is located just beside the Bidyadhari River which is about 35 kilometres far from Kolkata. A mound discovered here mentioned names like Khana and Mihir w...

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Frazerganj Beach Haroa
160 kms from Barasat city limits

Frazerganj Beach of Haroa is located about 160 kms far from the main city Barasat in West Bengal.

The history behind the Frazerganj Beach is quite interesting that the name of the beach is given after by the then Lt. Governor of Bengal Andrew Frazer. Around 100 years ago, the then Lt. Governor of Bengal Andrew Frazer fell in love with this beautiful beach in Haroa that he built a lavishing bungalow near to it in a nearest village called Naraynitala. Later the Bungalow was drowned due to advancing water in Beach but this spot area became so famous because of its beauty among other bea...

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Hastings House, West Bengal
35 kms from Barasat city limits

Hastings House is a historic colonial bunglow located in West Bengal. Hastings House is located about 35 kms from the main city of Barasat.

Hastings House was built in the mid of 1770's-1780's till the reign of Hastings as Governor General of Bengal. After his period, his favourite country residence i. e, Hastings House was converted into a public school. Later it became as the official residence of Eastern States of India. After India' Independence it was used as Post-Graduate Basic Training College in 1948, in 1951 as Women's Section of David Hare Training College. After 1954 with ...

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Hatipukur Park
Within Barasat city limits

Hati Pukur Park is a historical park located in Barasat in West Bengal. It is located only 2. 4 Kilometres far from the main city Barsat and it take only just 8 to 10 minutes to reach the fun-filled Hati Pukur Park.

The name of the park i. e, Hati Pukur here, Hati means Elephant. According to locals saying, Nawab Sirajuddoula used to make his elephants (Hatis) have bath here. From then, this waterbody is named as Hati Pukur pond. Hati Pukur pond covers an area of 3. 5 acres and it is maintained by Barasat Municipality. Currently, this Park has renovated with few new inputs like a toy...

6/6 Places to Visit in Barasat
Siddheswari Kali Temple, Barasat
145 kms from Barasat city limits

Siddeshwari Kali Temple is a revered Kali temple located near Barasat. The Siddeshwari Kali Temple is located about 145 kms far from the main city Barasat.

According to temple records and the locals, there used to a Kali worshipper living in Himalayas had a dream in which Goddess Kali ordered him to find a Shakti Peeth to the South of his place i. e, in Bengal. While crossing river Adiganga ( the old river Ganges) through the Kumartoli area where Dacoits used to worship kali with 'bali' ( sacrifice) in these dense forests. He then made a statue with twigs, branches and the soil obtai...